Mildlife - Phase

Mildlife - Phase

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Mildlife - Phase

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Very Cool Jazz Rock


February 26, 2018
Every now and then you come across a band employing what turns out to be an exciting, completely fresh and new approach to modern progressive music. Certainly the music produced and laid down here on this album by "Mildlife" is strangely different although of course there are many elements of familiarity. Little segments of Steely Dan, Neil Ardley and Djam Karet which come immediately to mind but they do so in such a way that all of these possible influences have become totally absorbed into the melting pot to emerge as a fresh new progressive / Jazz rock format.
Generally speaking what has materialized here is a rich potage comprising a solid rhythmic foundation of drums, bass and keyboard exertions which are then overlaid with a fusion of harmonic jazz like patterns which drift and sway in hypnotic fashion drawing the listener firmly into a bubble of absolute musical heaven. Integrated too within the mix are some beautifully considered lead guitar parts which although delivered in delicate fashion and kind of submerged behind the more dominant keyboards are, when they burst forth, a total delight.
The musical scores throughout are totally fascinating and comprise of multipart arrangements whereby you are sometimes listening to what seems like three or four different little tunes dancing around all at once. However and quite miraculously it all blends together to form one majestic combination of sound. Then on top of all this and what is even more ingenious is the use of surreal wispy vocals that not only provide a focal point of interest but which also create an unbelievably dreamy atmosphere to the proceedings. Without hesitation I would say Quite the preverbal "cherry on the top"
Music of a jazzy keyboard related nature can often become boring and tedious but absolutely not so on this album where every one of the six tracks is individually honed to perfection utterly fascinating in construction and played with immense instrumental competence all at the highest possible level. A lot of critical acclaim has been placed around the band's first single "The Magnificent Moon" featured here as track one on this album and for sure it is a brilliant track but make no mistakes the whole album is superb. I mention this because I certainly would not wish people to come to the conclusion that it is a one track album.

Summary: A superb Interesting, fulfilling and challenging album

Artwork: Simple in concept Artwork by Confetti Studio. Photography by Tom Ross

Mildlife (From Melbourne) are James Donald, Adam Halliwell, Kevin McDowell, Tomas Shanahan. All songs written and produced by Mildlife. Engineering by Mildlife & James Rindfleish. Mixing by Steve Schram. Mastering by Joseph Carra. (Note: I'm Afraid I Couldn't Find Who Played What)


. 1. The Magnificent Moon

2. Zwango Zop

3, Im Blau

4. Phase

5. Two Horizons

6. The Gloves Don't Bite

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