12. Mellotron, has become a symbol of progressive music, whats your thought´s on that and indeed do you like/use this particular instrument (I guess the latter part of the question mostly is for Jonker)?!

Well, the Mellotron creates an astounding dramatical sound. It's maybe because of the fact that progressive music contains more dramatic elements then mainstream music, that we can hear the Mellotron more often in that specific genre. Chris uses samples instead of the real Mellotron. But most of all, for us, we just love that sound and that's why it is used!

13. While the subject are on instruments, please elaborate on each bandmembers fave instrument!! I am of course talking make or brand!!

Pieter plays Yamaha Attitude bass,(4 string) for it's unique sound, double output( one for each pickup), so he runs two preamps with different settings (one clean superlow-end and one high with a little distortion at the same time!)

The bass has also the Hipshot D-tuner, perfect for him, he can switch in a split of a second from a low E to a low D and back..

For amplification he loves the Ampeg preamps and amps and the Bag End and Ampeg speakercabinets.

Chris loves his Korg M3 the most for it's great sounds and diversity in sounds. Furthermore he is now elaborating his latest addition: the Nord Electro 3 which is well-known for it's supreme vintage sounds like Hammond organs, Mellotron, Rhodes and Clavinet sounds.

Roland plays a Fender Stratocaster (Eric Clapton signature) amplified by Hughes and Kettner Duotone amp and cabinet. Roland uses a Lexicon mpx G2 effectsunit and Seymour Duncan pich up booster. For acoustic (6 en 12 string) simulations a Roland VG 88 is being used. If live circumstances make it possible a Guild D55 is used to play the 6 string acoustic parts.

Joost plays his favourite SONOR S-class drums. Layers of Maple and Birch for a solid warm sound. Cymbals are from Zildjan, Sabian and Ufip. They just have to sound good, brand is not important. Drumsticks are Vic Firth 5A.

14. I find the booklets lyrics (only readable in mirrors) a nice touch, even though some might find it tedious, how did that idea come about?

Mirrors are a daily life symbol for the world Beyond Reality. You will never be able to touch the things you see in the mirror or to enter that world on the other side of the glass and silver. That is what the album is all about, so we decided to put the lyrics in a mirrored way so that the readers would have to use the portal to the other world to translate. But you can also find the non-mirrored lyrics on our website: www.mangrovemusic.nl.

15. Talking booklet and cover ideas, what´s with the frontcover gimmick, a lightbeam projecting an M on a building (like taken out of a Batman film) please tell !?

That's an idea from Bert Lukkien. He thought it might be more of an eye-catcher to beam our logo out of the #00008b on that building. Apparently he was right. The original idea was the M painted on the building.


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