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13. On a professional level, what are your plans for the future?

To get a job that doesn't in any way involve music or the Internet

14. On the topic of internet piracy and the free music culture, what do you propose can be done? Do you see this culture/piracy as an increasing threat to the music industry?

It's an irrefutable fact that the music industry is dying. Just before Christmas, the main independent distributors in the UK (Pinnacle Entertainment) went out of business, quickly followed by the Zavvi shop chain (formerly the Virgin megastore). How much more proof do people need?

In terms of how to deal with piracy; it's simple. Governments need to force ISPs to monitor the content that's being illegally shared on their servers, and it if they can't do it then they should just close them down. The world really was a much better place pre-Internet and if it simply disappeared, then all the pathetic nerds who are so addicted to it would have to find something worthwhile to do instead of sitting on their fat arses looking at a computer screen all day. Who knows, it might even prolong and enhance their lives!

15. As a keyboard wizard, how are your thoughts on: Mellotron, the sound, the instrument ?

Dreadful old things that hardly ever worked properly. But the recordings used on the tape sets were genius and have never been bettered. So the smart thing to do is to use a modern re-creation (there are plenty of good software plug-ins that do the job) to access those supreb and atmospheric sounds.

16. Ive always hated the term NEO PROG, what´s your opinion on that term?

It's a totally fake term invented by Americans about

For those of us who WERE there, it was called the New Wave of British Progressive Rock at the time, but all these years later I don't see why everything can't all go under the Progressive or Prog banner. The musicians from the various ages of prog rock don't acknowledge the difference, so why should anyone else?

17. On a final note, I and many with me (in progcircuits) I suspect, are sad to learn that your input, both keyboard and composition wise, will no longer feed our hungry progheart´s with excellent music and audio experiences!!

....and no doubt my various adversaries on the
Internet will be pleased to get rid of me!

18. Please feel free to state your final (not meant to be that dramatic) words??!

To music fans in general: "You used to be such nice people; what happened"?