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Iako Bei
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Slovakian Prog With Saxaphone Leads
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December 03, 2019
It is certainly a dilemma when you come across a nicely arranged album saturated with powerfully energetic music that is not only interesting but also unique. An album where the instrumental makeup combines excellent keyboards, adventurous haunting bass and drums overlaid with the most exquisite of saxophone. But, and I know it’s very subjective, I wasn’t personally keen on the vocals. However, the overall instrumental brilliance of the music more than compensates for my dilemma in appreciation of the vocals. It’s not that the vocals are bad, because that would be untrue. It is more of a fact that the vocals are sung in English and at times the lyrics sound far too bunched together, effectively resulting in an over complication of words that are delivered too quickly over to short a time span. In other words I think the lyrics could have been simplified to fit better or indeed sung in the Slovakian language. But that is my point of view and other listeners might well disagree.
From a musical perspective, it is indeed a really a good solid album that from start to finish and is saturated with a whole host of great arrangements and excellent ideas. Much theatrical of drama is created throughout the eight tracks with the precise and clever interaction between the various instruments which, all together, form a vast array of intriguing rhythmic soundscapes and melodic originality. Such soundscapes are extremely rich in texture creating a series of exquisite atmospheric settings packed with both melodic charm and in places a distinctively haunting edge
Comprising only the core instruments of keyboards, bass, drums and saxophone the resultant music is extremely expressive and presents another distinctly interesting edge to the progressive rock spectrum. This is especially the case here with a line-up that excludes the presence of a lead guitar. The keyboards, comprising mostly of energetic piano, are simply superb and act as the driving force behind most of the instrumental sequences and together with the simply amazing saxophone as a lead instrument provide a wonderfully jazz tinged soundscape to the proceedings. The bass participates far more than just an ordinary bass creating an unbelievable variety of different sounds and effects that flavour the flow of music by adding colour and interest. The drumming throughout is unbelievably brilliant.
Summary: Interesting well composed and unique instrumentation.
Artwork: Superb.
Line Up:
Roman Jakobej –Bass and Vocals. Compositions
Stevie Hart –Keyboards and Backing Vocals
Nikola Bankov – Alto Sax
Tibor Rusnak -Drums
1. We are building our own monument 2. A Way to oppose 3. Living in fear.
4. Pilgrim in doubt 5. Missing Colours 6. Fake (The new king of beauty) 7. Don’t give up that dream. 8. Cortex Labyrinths
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