Sisare - Leaving The Land

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Sisare - Leaving The Land

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Sisare Feet On The Ground
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April 18, 2018
What a total delight when you come across a promotional album that is saturated with well thought out, beautifully considered music and all assembled in such seamless fashion too. Investigations reveal that the brains behind this grand enterprise is ‘Severi Peura’ who not only was responsible for the lead guitar, vocals, percussive elements, musical composition, lyrics, recording arrangements and mixing for this album. Such independently concentrated involvement probably explains why ‘Leaving the Land’ is so well constructed with lovely fluid guitar and melodic charm throughout.

‘Severi’ is indeed a talented guitarist who has composed and put together a fine set of wide-ranging tunes that embrace and include many aspects of the progressive rock genera particularly snippets from the early seventies. I could certainly, I thought on first play, detect scattered elements of ‘Wishbone Ash’. So much so in fact that I asked him whether a duel lead guitar element was incorporated in their line up. Perhaps though I should of watched some videos first because the reply I received from ‘Severi’ was “All the solos are played by me (Severi) but Timo is playing harmony in Geno after the guitar solo for the instrumental part with me, and he also plays the whole tapping pattern in Pace that starts the song, but there is nothing I could really describe as dual lead (like Iron Maiden or Opeth is doing). I doubled one harmony to the solo of Escape myself as Timo is playing the backing guitar in that part “

The key aspect throughout this project is the fact that there is a total absence of keyboards. However, such a choice arrangement is more than compensated for by the fact that the two guitarist are working so well together developing strong harmonic coordination with subtle interplay and fills from the backing guitar whilst allowing the more complicated lead guitar to deliver multitudes of soaring note sequences and melodic riffs. There is throughout the six tracks plenty of variety in the musical arrangements encompassing elements of heavy metal, deviations of progressive rock, neat jazz infusions, fuzzed up psychedelia and periods of delicate acoustic art rock all integrated into the mix with cleverly arranged time changes to facilitate the switch between phases.

Very impressive too are the faultless commanding vocals throughout, that incorporate superb timing, great intonation and that are dynamically delivered by the lead guitarist in clear and concise perfect English. Maybe if any criticism could be levied it would be that some additional two part harmonies would be good. But this would only be possible if either 1.The other band members could sing with such perfect English or 2. The Finnish language be utilized in the tunes.

Of course it would be unfair if mention was not made in respect to the very dynamic drumming and superb bass guitar lines throughout.

Summary: An extremely enjoyable album, great music throughout with a nice balance of variety in pace and textures.

Artwork: Very neat and classy digipak

1. Escape.
2. Mountains.
3. Geno.
4. Pace.
5. Scattered.
6. Perception

Severi Peura - Guitar / Vocals
Hermanni Piltti - Bass
Timo Lehtonen - Guitar
Rauli Elenius – Drumssuch

It is good to note the bands trend towards a more progressive rock direction because (From the Internet) -Apparently ‘SISARE’ are a Finnish experimental progressive rock/metal quartet from Finland, originally formed in 2008 as a progressive death metal group releasing a demo and an EP. After splitting in 2010, they returned with a new drummer and a more progressive rock direction which includes elements of post-rock, jazz and folk. Their debut ''Nature's Despair'' was released in 2013 as a free download. Severi PEURA (vocals, guitar), Timo LEHTONEN (guitar) and Hermanni PILTTI (bass) have seen the two different eras of the band.
Mention is also made of another connection ‘Severi Peura & Selvänäkijät’
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