Cherry Five - Il Possa Dei Giganti

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Cherry Five - Il Possa Dei Giganti

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Cherry Five
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..a small sensation!!
(Updated: June 24, 2015)
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June 23, 2015
This is quite a small sensation, the second album from Cherry Five has just arrived at my desk, some 40 years after their brilliant and classic debut! Time takes its toll and only 2 of the original members (Tony Tartarini : Vocals & Carlo Bordini: Drums) remains here! While the debut album were sung in English (some accent) this new release are sung in their native tongue. But hey thats a minor detail, since the music here is very good, som might discuss whether is is as good as the great debut?! I wont go into that.. there have been many a prog river floating since their debut! But this fine new album really is great and these five musicians does shine on all tracks and they have managed to be fresh, new and still kept the gate open to that golden period and fine era of italian prog in the 70´.

What you get here is beautiful Italian vocals (yes I like) and some very high powered complex and technically skilled music, with plenty of time signatures and breaks to make everyone happy!

So no comparison to the old classic album, but a great release in its own right and I for one will cherish this and as we "speak" it is already getting a few more spins!

The album consist´s of 3 (yes three) tracks, the epic tittle track " Il Posso Dei Giganti" with almost 25 minutes of duration time, track 2 " Manfredi" divided into 4 pieces and finally the end tune " Dentro la Cerchia Antica".

I am so glad they decided to get back to music and putting themselves on the progradar once more, they certainly deserve your attention!!

I like what I hear and I want more!! So hat´s off to the band and to record company Black Widow for giving them the chance!!

The three "newcomers" are. Pino sallusti: Electric and acoustic bass/ Ludovico Piccinine: Guitars & Gianluca de Rosse: Keyboards ( Mellotron, Hammond c3, Minimoog, Yamaha CP330) and they are doing great !!

Fav ask!? Well...I really like 1, 2 and 3 !!
1 reviews
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