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A nice intermission
(Updated: November 18, 2014)
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November 18, 2014
Brand new album from the great CROSS, our Swedish friends! In their own words: “New album containing new recordings of some older favourites, this time with a production reminding of the symphonic sounding previous album "Wake Up Call".” Opening with “Fire” from their Second Movement album. The rest of the newborn tracks seem to come (originally) from their Cross III release! The new sound is light, clear (as in crystal) and particularly well suited for the symphonic prog of Cross, however I would have loved a heavier base/sound for the bass and drums all around!! But hey who am I but the reviewer, what do I know ?! That said, I think this is a fresh introduction into the great catalogue of Cross and their fine music, especially for those of you whom utters: Cross ??.
“Fire” has all the trimmings of an epic symphonic tune, not only time wise, but also music that varies, changes in feel, time signatures and emotion, bringing forth the excellent lead guitars of Hansi Cross (Guitars/keyboards/production/composition & vocals) I love his guitar playing, which is often beautiful, with just the right amount of tone and feel, not unlike a certain David Gilmour! However I wish he would, just once in awhile, let loose and go all in, with a blistering burning solo (not talking about endless boring shredding) and he actually shows a glimpse of this - once or twice on “Fire” and “ Visions”!! Wonderful!! The multi musical talent of Hansi Cross, also shows in his elaborate keyboards washes and themes that frames the symphonic music of Cross excellently!! Aided by the fine bass & Taurus play by Thomas Christensen, the solid drumming of Tomas Hjort & finally guest Mats Bender on Keyboards. So, as mentioned, a fine introduction for newcomers to the musical world of CROSS, with new editions of “old” songs!!

For the rest of us a nice intermission, while waiting for the new Cross album!!
I must mention the cover art! Superb artwork!!
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