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Frost - Milliontown

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This great epic ends with Godfrey´s display of great piano
(Updated: October 12, 2014)
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February 29, 2012
Frost apparently started in 2004, by frontman Jem Godfrey (singer, songwriter and producer) his former works/collaborations includes pop stars Ronan Keating and Atomic Kitten (not a very good recommendation for this reviewer and I guess our readers), but he has always had a soft spot for progressive rock, therefore he joined forces with Urbane/Arena/Kino-guitarist and singer John Mitchell, IQ members John Jowitt & Andy Edwards, plus studio musician John Boyes. So this, their debut album (release date: 24 July) reached my mailbox 2 days ago. And it's quite a mixed bag of tricks, from thundering power themes to smooth and delicious ballads.

"Hyperventilate" 1st track, starts out with a nice piano and (Asian type) flute, very nice, but the quietness is soon to be broken by a (b theme) with powerful guitars and breakneck time signatures, which eventually weaves in and out, a nice track with superb guitars and all-round fine musicianship.

"No Me No You" with an intro of multiple voices speaking, this song rolls into a tight-fisted tune not unlike a track from an Urbane album. Nice theme and fine vocals. Godfrey´s keyboard work is superb.

"Snowman" shortest track on the album (3:55) a brilliant ballad (in the Chroma Key vein)...great stuff, an ear hanger after several listenings.

"The Other Me" a driving tune with the main theme as tight as a Kings X power song, interesting production.

"Black Light Machine" Yet another fine theme, filled with excellent guitaring, including space-echo-soloing. With a build in (mid ways) relaxed theme before they all let loose and strut their stuff, superb track!

"Milliontown" title track, final track and the longest of the lot (26:35) ...with a superb slow build up, great vocals and nice piano work (again) then the towering full force of the band comes crashing in, great stuff. They even leave space for a brilliant mid theme, which in turn has powerful thematic twist and turns. This track holds all that you could ever wish for. Yep it's all here: soothing vocals, fine keyboards, thundering drums, excellent guitars, superb bass runs and some quite brilliant arrangements and composing.

This great epic ends with Godfrey´s display of great piano. This track is my favorite track!

So, what's the verdict? Well, at first listening I thought, "So, what else is new?" but after several listenings this album grew on me, and I must say that this band, when they find their musical genre (which way to turn?) For as earlier mentioned, it's a mixed bag of styles. But once they steer clear through and find what they are looking for, in terms of prog style, count me in as a believer.

I think they can become one of the top progressive bands! Next album will tell! I for one, would love to hear them play this album live!
1 reviews
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