Fish On Friday - Quiet Life

Fish On Friday - Quiet Life

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Fish On Friday - Quiet Life

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Fish On Friday
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(Updated: July 23, 2017)
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Fish On Friday....most certainly and every other day !!


July 18, 2017
Imagine a new Pink Floyd album without David Gilmour !! Yes well all the ingrediences are here, superbly composed tunes and excellent arrangements and of course brilliant musicianship! I cant even begin to remember, when was the last time I heard such a perfect album (apart from the Damanek album, read elsewhere on these pages!) ?! Sure there have been many in my long life as a music freak and especially in my later years (that is a truth with modifications!)..later years..hmm...I have loved music since my 14´ year and through time it was (in no particular order) : Pop/ Hard Rock/ Pomp Rock/ Folkrock/ psychedelic/ krautrock...well you get the picture!! Here and now, since the late 60´s my preferences were and still is prog in all its sub-genrés and disguises. Enough rambling, this new release is a masterpiece in its own right, my early sentence on the Pink Floyd comparison, goes entirely on the well crafted tunes here and the superb delivery by all musicians (Frank Van Bogaert: Keyboards-Guitars-Vocals/ Nick Beggs: Bass/ Marty Townsend: Guitars/ William Beckers: Keyboards & Marcus Weymaere: Drums)..that sometimes reminds this old proghead to Pink Floyd in their "Division Bell" / "A momentary lapse of Reason" period, minus the soaring singing guitars of Gilmour (hence my intro). Oh there are plenty of guitars no worries, but the overall soundscape are that of a united band well tempered and ready to go. There is not one boring moment on this outing, I have had it in my cd player for over a week now and it just keep on giving and giving, so if you liked their former album "Godspeed" will love this one !! Oh and notable guest´s a plenty, let me just mention a few: John Mitchell (Arena/ Kino) and Lula Beggs (daughter of Nicky) she shares vocals with Frank on 2 tracks. A certain Alan Parsons (yes it is he) whom produced the song " In The Key of Silence" in the famous Abbey Road studios also participated on backing vocals.

Other than my comparing to PF, others have mentioned: Blackfield - Alan Parsons Project -Genesis.

Well dont take my word for it, go and buy this brilliant album/band before it is sold out!! This is prog as it was meant to be, according to this old proghead !!
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