Osanna - Landscapes of Life

Osanna - Landscapes of Life

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Osanna - Landscapes of Life

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March 07, 2018
Lately I've been enjoying the various releases by this Italian band, those from the early 1970s as well as the latest 2015 release Palepolitana, and 1974's Landscape of Life is among them.

In general, Osanna has quite a bit of diversity…the band includes a conglomeration of Hard Rock, Folk, Blues, Jazz, and a bunch of Prog-Rock all wedded together into a splendid, rather unique mix, with many of its songs ranging from acoustic pastoral beauty to electronic in-your-face strangeness. On all of its albums, including Landscape of Life, the band seems to have been inspired by many bands such as early Genesis and Jethro Tull to the wackier Van Der Graaf Generator and even Zappa. And when the occasional and wild flute or sax solos combine with Mellotron in the background, it makes for some interesting listening.

Several of the band's early albums, including its fourth release Landscape of Life, are considered masterpieces of the Italian Symphonic Prog-Rock scene, and after savoring tunes such as "Two Boys," "Flume," "Il Catello Dell'es" "Fog in My Mind," "Somehow, Somewhere, Sometime," and the title track for many years now, it's easy to see why.

A1 Il Castello Dell'Es 8:55
A2 Landscape Of Life 6:00
A3 Two Boys 3:43
B1 Fog In My Mind 7:45
B2 Promised Land 1:32
B3 Fiume/Somehow, Somewhere, Sometime 8:20
Artwork: A beautiful Textured gatefold sleeve with drawings, photos and lyrics printed inside.

" Elio D'Anna - flauto elettrico, sassofono alto
" Danilo Rustici - chitarra elettrica, chitarra a dodici corde, organo, sintetizzatore (A.R.P.)
" Lino Vairetti - voce, chitarra acustica, mellotron
" Lello Brandi - basso, effetti elettronici
" Massimo Guarino - batteria
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