Clear Blue Sky - Clear Blue Sky Remastered

Clear Blue Sky - Clear Blue Sky Remastered

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Clear Blue Sky - Clear Blue Sky    Remastered

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Clear Blue Sky
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..this one will always be in that special fav. category!!


July 14, 2017
Finally, a remastered edition of one of my fav. albums from way back, I bought this album when I was in my late teens, for self earned money, on vinyl for (if memory serves me well?) 39,-. Danish kr. was spanking new and I was so exited I remember coming home and immediately put it on my turntable, before anything else! NOW it is here, with the usual golden treatment you and I are used to from my fav. remaster and re-releasing record company Esoteric Recordings!! Well enough of me and my youth memories.

This great debut from Clear Blue Sky still shines, even with that many years in the rear window! This is classic power trio rock, with prog tendencies. Fronted by the excellent guitars and compositions of John Simms, backed by Mark Sheather on bass and Ken White on drums. So what do they sound like (the ever stated question) well I found them quite unique at that particular time of musical season! But hindsight, I would say if you are into May Blitz/ Freedom/ Hard Meat/ Budgie, you will love this debut album!!

This remastered version have really some advantage in the new mix and sound, it seems tighter and it does have some deeper tones particularly regarding the bass and drums.

The cover art are by none other than the great Roger Dean, mind you this was early in his career and it shows, as in not one of his best works! This re-release of course comes with extended booklet and the original art work (as mentioned).

1990 Clear Blue Sky returned reunited with that same line-up via the album "Destiny" and the follow up "Cosmic Crusader" 1996 where the line-up consisted of 5 members. Later they released album in : 2001 - 2007 and 2013. All worth a listen if you find this debut intriguing!! I for one, are happy with my new edition !! Goes straight into my private collection. yes you guessed it, I have a soft spot for power rock trio┬┤s and this one will always be in that special fav category!!
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