11. When talking music in general. What do you yourself, listen to? If I were to visit you at home, what kind of music would I hear?

You wouldnt hear much at all.....I listen to most music in the car......I usually try to rest away from music at home...... I love any band that has strong melodies.....ELO were a huge favorite and ABBA.... Prog bands...I dont usually listen to any new bands at all...though I love the latest It Bites Cd...It is amazing...Great songs,great production and playing....a pleasant suprise.

12. Looking in the rear mirror of your career, I personally very much liked the Fyreworks album!!

I hear hints and allegations to the sound of Genesis & small Yes/ VDGG nods!! But overall it is to my ears.

Fyreworks brilliantly doing their own thing and adding some folkrock themes here and there. And I liked the surprise ending..after minutes of silence...fireworks (crackers) break out...in stereo!!

So what is the question I hear you say!? So here goes: Is this an album that you appreciate still?

Do you listen to your "older" works and go: "Yeah, this is great!" ?? Favourite track/s?

The Fyreworks was great fun.and really done as a band...Danny Chang the guitarist was the main man behind the band....he wanted to recreate the feel of a classic 70's cd...using old instruments,etc....he asked me to produce it and co write it. We had some great players on it. Again we didnt have any rules or expectations when we made it we just enjoyed ourselves.We actually wrote a second Cd, which I have demos for somewhere.Its just a nightmare to get everybody back together.

Also we did one gig in Holland .Which rehearsed for 2 days and went and done the gig...IT was a bit rough,but one of the best gigs I have done.

Hopefully one day we will record the 2nd Cd.... I second that!!

13. Ive always hated the term: Neo Prog! What´s your thought on that topic?
I recently interviewed your fellow keyboard musician Martin Orford and he said:
"Its a totally fake term invented by Americans about 15 years after it all happened. I dont trust genre classifications made up by people who werent there, therefore I dont recognize the term Neo prog!!"

Prog....what is prog.......to me its just a sound. When you use mellotron and organ, bass pedals etc..its gonna sound like a classic Prog70's Cd.

People get so hung up on with if its prog or not ,etc....I am more worried with if its any good or not!...are the songs any good.....thats the hard bit.

You can have all the gear, play like a demon...make it all sooooo complicated...but in the end is there a song in that people can connect with....that is what I strive for.

14. Do you, like many other keyboards players, have a secret wish to write music for movies, soundtracks??

The superb track "Nosferatu" on Cyan: Remastered...show potential in that direction!

I do lots of Tv and film music to allow me to indulge my passion for prog. I love soundtrack music...its the modern classical music. John Williams is a genius.

I would like to do more of it, but its hard to get into properly.

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