6. Do you find that cover-art is important? If yes...please tell why! Also, do you have a personal favourite cover/ cover artist!?

I think that cover art is important...but less valued by the buyer....especially in the Ipod age where you load the Cd on the Ipod and never every see the cover again. Its a shame as it all adds to the impression that music is valueless. Unfortunately there is no going back. I love Roger Dean, especially the Drama cover.

7. Which is more important to you, the music or the lyrics? When composing music, how do you proceed? Creating a theme/idea on guitar or keyboards? Appendix question: Are you selftaught or classical trained?

I have to admit that I dont usually listen to lyrics. I just love melodies. I think thats why I loved Mike Oldfields music. There were no lyrics on the early Cds.

That said,if you have a teribble lyric you cant avaid it and it can spoil the mood.

With magenta the music comes 1st, then a rough concept of what the Cd is going to be about..then the lyrics.

I do love it when I get the finished lyrics to a new track from my brother Steve Reed. Up until then I have just be listening to me singing utter rubbish badly, just to outline the melody.

8. I guess you have many proud moments/memories as a musician?! That perfect concert, that magic moment? Which springs immediately to mind?
Please elaborate!

The 1st gig we did in Mexico at the Baja festival.We didnt know how people would react to the music.We hadnt done any proper gigs and we were doing our 1st gig thousands of miles away in front of 1000 prog fans.I remember playing the 1st song,which was 25 mins long...we only knew 4 songs...each 25 mins each.... We ploughed through the 1st song and it ended and there was silence for about a couple seconds...then a huge roar and standing ovation. I was gobsmacked...

9. I have found that prog keyboard players either hate or love the Mellotron!! What is your thoughts on that particular instrument?

After all, the Mellotron has become an icon in progmusic circuits!

I love the sound of the mellotron...its just one of the classic ingredients of prog. Being a keyboard player I love the sound of the hammond more. It the closest thing a keyboard player has to a guitar for rocking out.

10. In an imaginative live concert, with Magenta topping the bill, whom (artist or band) would you mostly love to see on that poster? Feel free to name several.

Tricky one that. As all the bands I lovet to share the bill with, I would prefer to just relax and watch them....... There are a few bands I think would compliment what we are doing and make a great evening of quality music....such as Pendragon. Nick really values melody over everything else.

I was a huge Pendragon fan when I was at school and must have played their 1st Cd the Jewel to death.

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