2. Being one of the new/newer (in prog circuits) keyboard wizzards, you must have some "idols", fellow keyboard players, whom you think are frontrunners/ creators of initial progmusic!?? Please tell!!

My keyboard idols were all the usuall suspects Tony Banks,Rick Wakeman and Rick Wright...Though the person who inspired me most was It Bites keyboard player John Beck...He was so cool and had all the great sounds and played like a demon......His arrangements are amazing.

3. Ive read somewhere, that you like Mike Oldfield! Was/ is he, an inspirational source to your trade and/or musical interest? If yes...please tell why!!

Mike Oldfield is my biggest inspiration.....I heard Tubular Bells on a cheap Geoff Love Orchestra Plays "The Exorcist" theme LP.

I just loved it and nagged my parents to buy the cassette of the original for Christmas. I was only 7 at the time and had a strange look from the shop keeper.

I played the tape to death.I wore it out and learnt to play it all on the piano.I then bought all the other Lps at the time.Ommadawn and Hergest Ridge....

I just loved the sound and melodies, and the fact that he played all the instruments himself.

I then bought a small cassette multi track just started to develop playing all these instruments myself.I just love Mike Oldfields guitar style and his arrangments.....it has so much emotion...... something I try to bring to what I do.

4. Mike Oldfield originally did most of his recording/playing himself! Is that something, you yourself have contemplated other than the Cyan "Remastered" release? Or is it you feel, all respect for Oldfield and other multi-instrumentists, that the music when several musicians participate/collaborate are more diverse?!

All of the 1st Cyan Cd was me and and a lot of Magenta is me.....but also love the excitement of hearing what great players bring to the table.....

I just have a idea in my head of what it all should sound like.... writting by committee is a very,very slow process and can be frustrating....I like to work fast.

5. What are the future plans, when talking Rob Reed and/or Magenta?
Are there new sideprojects you care to mention?

I have a few things that I am looking into doing. The problem is finding the time to do all that you want .You have to prioritize what is important....

The problem is also these days you have to be equally as good at business as music. The Prog scene is very much a DIY thing. Altough you can still sign your Cds over to the few record companies that deal with prog. Though it is difficult to stomach spending 2 years (unpaid) making a CD.....spending thousands on your own equipment .....and the signing over your album and getting £1 for every £10 CD you sell........It doesnt seem right. I think that is why so many of the bands and setting up their own labels and distribution, or in some cases bypassing that all together and just selling direct from their web sites......The whole music business is changing day to day, trying to repond to what the web and illegal downloading brings.....its a bit of a nightmare.....but very little we can do about it at the moment.

There is also a LOT of music out there at the moment.....everybody can now make a album very cheaply and stick it out for sale. How much of it is actually any good is debatable.

But it means that 10 years ago there where only say 15 prog bands doing business..know there are hundreds all trying to sell to a very small market.

So hopefully the future will see another Magenta Cd ....but when?? That is a difficult one to answer. I just put so much into the last Cd and I dont want to repeat myself.

I also want it to be better. So at the moment I am just writing some ideas and getting in my head what direction I want to go in.

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