19. The English Electric Recordings, ive learned, are your very own label! How did that come about? As to the why? I think mostly everyone in progcircuits know its about independence.. but please do tell!

We were originally signed up to IQ's label, GEP. We released a couple of albums through them and then the band almost fell apart before we started up on our own. After Gathering Speed, we started to sell much larger numbers of CD's, so we felt it was appropriate to set up our own label, English Electric Recordings. At the moment, the label is all about Big Big Train music but I don't rule out expanding and signing up other bands. Becoming an independent band was the best thing that ever happened to us. We can do what we like, when we like and the income generated from sales comes directly back to us rather than to a label which keeps most of the profits.

20. Here´s your chance/ opportunity to tell your friends, fans and our readers, what is on your mind.

At the moment, I'm hungry and thirsty and thinking about a nice Chicken Jalfrezzi and a beer.

"Thanx so very much Greg for taking the time to do this interview!!"


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