8.On a fictive concert poster/event...with Mangrove as top of the bill, whom would you most like to see supporting you? Please name several bands/artist´s!

Could be every band that writes and plays music with the heart and that's capable of telling an exciting story.


9.Playing as brilliant as you guys do. I really have to ask...are you selftaught or classical trained/both?

We all learned to play by ourselves, but for Chris and Roland this was preceded by a foundation of (classical) training. Most important is that you got to have that curiosity to find out how your favourite parts of music are played on your instrument. It's just a matter of trial and error. Later on in the process you find out how to use these techniques in your own compositions.

10. Name 3 progbands/artists that you (all agree) to admire, envy, like?! Please tell us why!

Since we have a broad variety of musical interest over the bands' members I'm afraid we can't even give you one single name.

11. Which of the music process appeals more to Mangrove, the recording or the live performance?

Given these two alternatives we would choose live performance. Being in direct contact with the listener is very important. Gives you direct feedback on your musical and visual performance. But recording is only registrating the results of a creative process. It's fun, especially when the sound turns out to be very good, but in the end it's nothing new. Should we add the alternative "writing the music", it would be hard decision whether to choose for this or for live performance. Writing the music is very unpredictable but always very satisfying because we allways end up with a song we all love. Simply magic how you create something out of nothing.


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