4.Do you find that lyrics are as important as the music or vice versa?Please elaborate!

Not when we are writing the music. It's always afterwards that the lyrics are written. But nevertheless during the writing of the lyrics we listen carefully to what the music expresses and we translate that to words. Of course there is some sort of theme or motto in our minds before we start of writing the lyrics. In this album each song approaches a different experience of Time and Space related problems, that only seem to occur in human minds. Time and space are the borders of our observations. These observations are what we call reality. But what's beyond reality? Well there are some signs of the other world we know of: We have dreams, there is a future, there is love, and death. Interesting stuff : We all know that they exist but no one really knows what they are and why they are there. But we all love to have a dream for the future, even though every dream that comes true leads us one step further towards death.

5. As a band, what is your dream? Yes I realise that question is simple, yet difficult!What are your dreams as a band? You wanna be a big band, big venues or you wanna be a progband/artists that is remembered for their music, no genre´s attached?

Our dream is spreading the emotions of our music all over the world, sending out the message we have put in our songs. We believe that music can unite people, give them strength, it's a universal language. We just want to write good music that touches people. And play it as often as possible, because we like doing it. And if that also results in becoming big that sounds good to us!


6.Dutch prog bands have really placed themselves on the progmap in the recent years (again) and deservedly so! Which Dutch progband (any year) do you guys...respect..look up to? Appendix question, which Dutch progband paved the way for others to come??

As I said before we don't look at ourselves being a progrockband. It's only the music we write that counts for us. For that reason we don't keep a close eye on other bands in the so called same genre.

7. Is it important to be categorised as a progband or other, or do you see tag´s, genre´s, labelling categories as an obstruction to reach more listeners?!

No it is not important at all to be categorized as a progband. We only want to write good music, with emotions that come from our hearts. Of course that music might be influenced by the music we all love to listen at. Therefore there is a chance our music can be categorized as progressive rock, symphonic rock or maybe artrock. But that is not a main target. As if we would start off writing songs with some sort of manual in our hands like: "How to make good progressive rock".

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