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6. The Mellotron, has become an icon..a pseudonym in progmusic circuits. Whats your thought on that and the particular instrument?

LIAM: It's a multipurpose instrument, not only does it make a great sound but if things aren't going well money-wise you can hollow it out and live in it!

GERRY: I hope we never hire a keyboard player who owns one, they way an absolute ton! It is a great sounding instrument in the right musical environment but I am fairly Mellotron 'laid-back' other than that.

WILSON: I'm more of a Hammond man myself.

7. If the ultimate choice were given to you, which comes first, live performances or studio work? I realise that is 2 sides to one story, but please do tell...elaborate!?

LIAM: That question is very difficult to answer; it's like asking a parent which is their favourite child. But I suppose the purest connection to the music is via a live show, because this is where a band becomes a band and feeds off the audience. On the other hand an album is the definitive statement of where a band is musically at a given point in time. That answer is a bit of a cop out...sorry!!

GERRY: Nothing quite beats the playing live experience; the studio experience can be a mixed bag for some musicians. Personally I love the recording environment.

WILSON: Recording the album was great but I think we're all looking forward to playing it live. That's where the fun starts

8. In many interviews Beatles comes up as as the ultimate forerunners of prog!? In other words...without Beatles, no progscene as we see it today! Do you concur? Please elaborate!

LIAM: The Beatles began experimenting with the album format in a way that no one else had done previously. It's perhaps going a bit far to say 'without Beatles, no progscene' but they certainly paved the way for a more imaginative approach to song writing and album creation

GERRY: I am a huge Beatles fan and their influence on everything that followed them cannot be over stated. As to whether Prog Rock as we know it would or would not have existed without their experimentation it's impossible to say.

MICHAEL: I don't think any one person or band is totally responsible for any new musical form.

9. In a given concert, with you headlining, whom or which band/artist would you most like/love to see on that Imaginative poster! Please feel free to name several!

LIAM: I would love to see a Genesis concert with Gabriel and Collins sharing vocal duties, complete with Steve Hackett - but I would be too overawed to share a stage with them...

GERRY: Roger Waters, just to see how grumpy he would be at not headlining!! And It Bites reunited with Francis Dunnery.

WILSON: There's lots of bands I'd like to be touring with - most of which we'd be supporting: Tull, Crimson etc

10. In this day and age of progcircuits, I guess most of your fans, friends & musicians would like to learn the instruments of your choice, im of course talking make and brand. Please elaborate individually!

LIAM: There were various weighted pianos, organs, Yamaha & Roland synths used in the making of the album. I like the old classic Shure SM 58 for live.

GERRY: My main Heroes instrument is a custom made GD mahogany body Strat type guitar with EMG active pick-ups, Wilkinson V100 trem and Sperzel tuners. I also have a 92' Gibson Les Paul Standard for the de-tuned number and Seagull and Takamine guitars for the acoustic stuff. Main amp is a Seymour Duncan 84/50 2x10 50watt valve combo. Effects.....erm.......everything!!

MICHAEL: I used two kits on the album. A Yamaha 9000 and a DW. The Cymbals were a mix of zildjian, sabian and ufip

WILSON: I'm currently using "Old painless" a Spector 6 string bass. Best thing I ever played. Also used a musicman fretless & Fender jazz on the album.

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