Cactus - Cactus + One Way or Another

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Cactus - Cactus + One Way or Another

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A great mix of rock, blues and hints of country here and there
(Updated: October 07, 2014)
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September 03, 2013
I remember very clearly when I purchased this first Cactus album "Cactus" way back when and most certainly when I put it on my turntable ....WOW the power of the first track " Parchman Farm" really blew my socks off and it still does after all these years, what an amazing amount of energy these guys delivers with their powerhouse performance!! Absolutely brilliant!! On the other hand would you expect less, when the musicians involved are the supreme former foundation of Vanilla Fudge, namely Carmine Appice on drums and Tim Bogert on bass!!? Add to that the absolutely excellent lead guitars of Jim McCarthy, then add some fierce hoarse vocals & mouthharp from Rusty Day!! A great mix of rock, blues and hints of country here and there, music like they don't make it anymore!! Don't expect smooth production and fiddlin´ about with studio arrangements, this is pure rough, raw and direct music, as in- they could certainly play it all live!! My fav track here are: "Parchman Farm" / "You Cant Judge a Book..." / "Let Me Swim" / "No Need To Worry". Oh and there are 3 bonus tracks on this cd, of which " The Sun Is Shining" is an absolute scorcher!!

Second cd and indeed their second release chronologically, is more of the same fine drawer when talking classic rock-blues! Again the opener is a powerhouse performance this time their version of "Long Tall Sally". Luckily the band line-up are the same as on the debut album. In my honest opinion the best and most perfect edition of Cactus. My fav tracks on this outing are: "Long Tall Sally"/ "Big Mama Boogie" divided into part 1 & 2 with the first part acoustic and then a thundering second part! / "Song For Aries"/ " One Way ...Or Another". This cd holds 1 bonus track: "Hound Dog Sniffin´" a very heavy blues rocker! That's it folks, they do not make em like this anymore! That's why I cherish this re-release so much, it goes straight into my private collection!!
1 reviews
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