Schaffer, Janne - Katharsis/Earmeal/ Presens

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Schaffer, Janne - Katharsis/Earmeal/ Presens

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Schaffer, Janne
1976-78-80 - 2017
Total time
Cd1: 64:28 Cd2 : 61:00

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So, a great threesome, if you will pardon the expression?!
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June 22, 2017
3 albums on a double cd, good value for your money, that is if you are into instrumental jazzrock- fusion - with guitars as a headliner! Janne Schaffer are a Swedish super guitarist which have played with, to name a few: Tony Williams/ Bob Marley/ ABBA/ Art Farmer and the Porcaro bros. of Toto fame. Janne is a superb guitarist and very well known in the Nordic countries, if I were to make comparison to another guitarist in that league, my immediate thought would be Jeff Beck, especially in his (Beck´s) "wired" & "Blow By Blow" period, mind you despite Schaffer´s brilliant technique and talent, he is not as adventurous and daring as Beck. Still, what you get here is 3 brilliant albums filled to the brim with wonderful, exciting and often cinematic musical landscapes with some of the most brilliant instrumental guitarplay you could imagine.

To compare with other great instrumental and melodic guitarist´s, 2 other names came to mind: Pete Haycock: " Guitar And Son " and Ian Akkerman especially his: "The Noise Of Art"! I had these albums on vinyl way back and I cherished them, loved them and eventually wore them down to the point that, they eventually became transparent vinyl, just kidding..but you get the picture! So a great threesome, if you will pardon the expression?! As you will have realised by now, I am a sucker for great instrumental music and especially with some excellent guitar to the fore!!

The only trouble I have with this fine package, is that BGO have ( in order to fit 3 albums on 2 cd´s) have broken "Earmeal" in half, one part on cd 1..the other half on cd 2. !! Well I guess you cant have everything and at that price, this is a sure winner!! Go Buy !!
1 reviews
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