The Missing Piece - Dream Rider

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The Missing Piece - Dream Rider

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The Missing Piece
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May 15, 2017
I’m a real sucker for this kind of ultra-melodic symphonic progressive rock, the kind of stuff that can get you up and on your feet (so long as nobody’s watching) too prance, without inhibition, jerkily around the room. No kidding this, to my ears, is totally excellent full on keyboard drenched wonderment with lovely female vocals so reminiscent of that classic 1970s Dutch progressive band Earth & Fire. The resultant music production is just so full on and powerfully recorded and certainly is a veritable wall of sound. Each track is so beautifully constructed comprising a series of melodic multi layered symphonic keyboards on top of which supports the equally melodic lead guitar bridges which float majestically to the fore. Particularly noticeable too is the fact that the keyboards have been utilized pretty well across the full range of their play modes providing a multitude of different instrumental sounds ranging from Hammond organ, trumpet, flute, piano, harpsichord, spooky organ and so on and this together with other colourful blanket fills, sound effects and oodles of tricky fiddly bits with great moments of interplay between keyboards and synthesizer provide the backbone to the overall sound on this album There is something particularly endearing about Nanne’s vocal style, such a pity that she has subsequently left the band. Her phrasing is interesting particularly as her vocal range is not terribly extensive but she is very tuneful and this is exacerbated by her Dutch accentuated English. As mentioned earlier the guitar does not particularly embroil itself with many keyboard / guitar duo situations but rather more stands alone delivering some lovely well considered colourful lead runs on top of a platform of solid and busy keyboard play. There are many magical moments of driving guitar intensity and together with some great drumming and efficient bass guitar play thus resulting in some very interesting progressive rock arrangements which together with the swirling and quite beautiful keyboards make this a totally wonderful must -have album. I know that I am particularly biased towards this kind of keyboard driven symphonic progressive rock music but that’s life and I shall selfishly score accordingly. Interesting note: The name “Missing Piece” comes from the eponymous “Gentle Giant “album.

Summary: Absolute symphonic progressive rock heaven, full of beautiful melodic arrangements and catchy tunes.

Cover Artwork: Adequate sleeve style sufficiently detailed with additional information booklet.

Band Line Up:-
Nanna Burger – Lead Vocals
Nanne Triggerman – drums, composer.
René van Dalen – Lead guitar
Adri Sleijster - bass
Dennis Beenhakker - vocals, synth

Track Listing:
1. Closed Doors
2. Signs.
3. Destiny.
4. Erasmus.
5. Reflection.
6. Dream Rider.
7. Shadow.
8. Underneath The Mask.
9. The Close Part 1 – The Days Beore.
10. The Close Part 2 –Black Death.
11. Maze (Bonus Track)

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