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Jadis  - Fanatic

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Fanatic about Jadis.
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April 27, 2017
This is the fifth studio production from “Jadis” and it is very much an album where on first play the vocals seem to take predominance but realization sets in with successive plays that the instrumental side of things are actually and without doubt the crux of the whole affair. It was indeed a quandary to me as to why this should be the case, having at first ascertained that I was listening to a specifically vocally orientated production. Indeed I can conclude that Gary Chandler’s tuneful, slightly melancholic and consistently beautifully toned vocal style is the first aspect to attract your attention and sets the style for each of the successive tracks. The construction of the music on each track is just so exquisitely organized with wonderful dream like chord sequences of interplay between keyboards and lead guitar mixed up frequently with slices of much harder edged staccato arrangements also on guitar but emphasized with some extraordinary drumming from Steve Christie together with solid tuneful bass lines from John Jowett. It became obvious too that unlike the multi-section composition style of many progressive rock bands there are no abrupt time changes to flavor the music. To qualify what I mean, in respect to this album, the music drifts along, throughout the nine tracks, in very melodic fashion deftly and cleverly changing musical form without any apparent alteration to pace or rhythm except with stealth like surprise you suddenly realize to what an extent the music has moved you on to fresh delightful pastures. Such delightful pastures include some very nice lead guitar moments together with a whole host of beautifully resonant guitar sequences, delightful harmonic backing vocals interspersed with lovely orchestral treatments and gorgeous spooky keyboard fills that add much colour and vibrancy to the proceedings. In drawing comparisons to other bands there seems to be a certain likeness to the post Peter Gabriel “Genesis” particularly so in respect to the song structure and the similar diminutive “Mike Ruttherford” style guitar flurries that are used to link passages of play together.

Summary: An early (2003) recording from Jadis but an extremely enjoyable set of song based melodic tunes of a relaxing and calm nature with oodles of interesting underlying instrumental passages which come to the fore with successive plays.

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A beautifully designed artistic and colourfal booklet with detailed lyrics and information.

1. The great outside.
2. Into temptation.
3. Each and everyday.
4. I never noticed.
5. Fanatic.
6. Yourself alone.
7. Take these words.
8. What kind of reason.
9. Who can we be sure of.
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