Security Project - Live 2

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Security Project  - Live 2

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Security Project
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Peter Gabriel Tribute Band
(Updated: January 06, 2017)
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January 05, 2017
I sometimes wonder what the point is when it comes to tribute bands. OK I can understand, to a degree anyway, of some people’s desire for the continuation of music from a particular band or artist following the end of that bands lifespan or when that artist no longer performs or records. What is totally beyond me though is the release of an album by a tribute / cover band when the original and far superior recordings are there in existence still available to be purchased. This is particularly relevant on “Security Projects” rendition of “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” There are exceptions to this view point for example “Steve Hacket” and his Genesis Revisited” shows and associated recordings because he is an artist and musician very much integral to the original concepts of Genesis. ‘So’ (no pun intended) who are “Security Project” with their hankering to follow in the footsteps of Peter Gabriel. Well, they comprise of members from Gabriel’s original band together with members from King Crimson and Shriekback. There is no doubt that the musical arrangements do follow in the true spirit of Gabriel’s original musical intentions with perfect vocal interpretations from Brian Cummings. As you would expect too the musicianship is in fact first class. Recordings come from their 2015 /2016 tours of USA and Europe

Summary: A pretty pointless album unless you are a diehard Peter Gabriel fan. The original recorded material by Gabriel and Genesis is far superior. As a tribute band it is difficult to fault the quality of “Security Project” and I imagine an evening in their company would very entertaining and good fun.

Cover Art: A nice little digipak but without much style in terms of artwork.

Security Project Live 2 tracklist

1. Family Snapshot
2. Moribund The Burgermeister
3. Humdrum
4. Mercy Street
5. Wallflower
6. White Shadow
7. Father, Son
8. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
9. Fly On A Windshield
10. On The Air

Band Members:-
Brian Cummings Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar.
Jerry Marotta Drums and Backing Vocals
Trey Gunn Touch Guitar and Backing Vocals
David Jameson Keyboards and Eigenharb
Michael Cozzi Guitar and Backing Vocals
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