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Johnson, Eric  - ej

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Eric Johnson delivers a brilliant lean backed acoustic album!!
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October 29, 2016
Yes I know, this is not as such progmusic !! What it is though, is one of the most brilliant musicians/ guitarist of the last decade and then some!! Eric Johnson has thrilled many guitar afficionado´s and friends of guitar hinged progmusic and instrumental music over the years, even great guitarist´s will want to hear his brilliant technique and see him deliver! Eric have over many years performed and delivered brilliant music and albums, everyone into great music will know and know of him and he is highly respected in music/guitar circuits around the world!! This album is not as such progressive in music terms, but it is progressive in guitar technique style and approach! Therefore I really wanted to do this review, in respect for this magnificent musician and his superb delivery! Despite his many electric and brilliant albums, which many musicians rejoice and enjoy, he now dared to do an acoustic album, guitar, vocals and keyboard!! Opening with his own rendition of Simon & Garfunkel´s "Mrs. Robinson" That might give you a clue, as what to expect from this release! Do not expect soaring guitars, nor power chords and/or thundering bass and drums!

Eric Johnson delivers a brilliant lean backed acoustic album, with brilliant tunes and great acoustic guitar playing, also I must mention his vocal work, though not superb, really suits the music he has chosen to deliver here!

I love his electric albums and honestly Iove them better than this outing, but that said I have great respect for his honesty and integration and his courage to do this and follow through!! This albums holds some absolutely excellent acoustic guitar play! The songs vocal driven are good, but really not that great! I appreciate the effort!!

NOW new electric album please!!
1 reviews
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