Colosseum - Live

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Colosseum - Live

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... this is most certainly a MUST own release!!
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September 15, 2016
Finally someone took the great idea of digitally remaster this great live album and of course it is my all-time favorite re-release - re-master champs: Esoteric Recordings!! Not only did they re-master the original double album (all on one cd here) but they also saw fit to add an extra bonus cd of live recordings from 3 various venues! Plus, of course the always lavish and extended booklet!!

Colosseum at this particular time were of course: Jon Hiseman: Drums / Dave Greenslade: Keyboards / Dave " Clem" Clempson: Guitar and vocals / Mark Clarke: Bass and vocals / Dick Heckstall-Smith: Tenor & Soprano sax and last but not least.. of course the brilliant and powerful lead vocals of Chris Farlowe!! The original album (and also the bonus cd) here starts out with the excellent Jack Bruce/ Pete Brown track " Rope Ladder to The moon" a superb rendition from the original album...track 2 delivers: "Walking In The Park" originally from their debut album!

For the younger reader/ progfan and or classic rock freak, this is a must hear album and band!! It is of course a must that you like/love 60´and 70´ rock/prog, for this particular outing holds Jazzy/ fusion; rock, blues & prog all in one! Way back then, this band were in the moniker called: A super group! Rightly so!

A bit of music history for you, whom just joined the wonderful world of Progplanet, Jon Hiseman on drums, later created: Tempest and Colosseum II. Dave Greenslade: went on to create Greenslade and solo albums! Dave Clem Clempson: Formerly of Bakerloo, later he joined Humble Pie and Uriah Heep.

Back to this great live album, if you liked the aforementioned links, hints and allegations then this is most certainly a MUST own release!!

To this old geezer and many years long prog/ classic rock is most certainly an album and band that I recommend you invest in ...or surely (as you realise by now!) must check out!!
1 reviews
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