Big Big Train - Folklore

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Big Big Train - Folklore

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Big Big Train
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This time they have outdone themselves!!
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July 20, 2016
Here it comes again that BIG BIG TRAIN, this time with more leanings to the folk traditions of UK, as the title suggest´s ! To these trained (and seasoned) ears, they have never made a mediocre album, these fine musicians both the nucleus and the eminent guests always deliver! All of their albums are good, some of them really good and this one, let me tell you right brilliant!!

Being the old geezer (and old school geezer) of Progplanet..I have heard so many many great bands and albums through time and it pleases me to say that this album is top notch.

BBT have always had a sense of typical UK prog..a sort of UK traditional prog (meant the most positive way!) ..always great lyrics, fine muscianship and superb delivery, with some tracks/tunes laid back in that famous UK folk trad....others in the symphonic prog realm...then again some cinematic tunes and sequences, which always made their albums a great could find new things to their music at every spin.

This time they have outdone themselves, incredibly they seem to have merged those mentioned genrés on most of the new tunes here..with a few exceptions.

Remember the old days, when you purchaced a new album?! Some tracks immediately got your attention, others would sneak up on you, eventually, then magically the remains of the tunes...suddenly also got to you!

This is one such album..only all of the tracks here, will please you right away and then you realise this is a masterpiece and a master progband/folkband.

Oh is one of those albums, that will bring goosebumps/smiles and joy to your longing..hungry..musical heart.

Everything from the brilliant cover the magnificent musical delivery and production here, will make you smile with satisfaction. guessed it by now, didnt you?! I love this album and band...Big Big Train at full steam and I am in for the full tour.

Love Uk UK superb musicians all rolled into one?!

Then GO...GO now BIG BIG TRAIN is rolling again!!
1 reviews
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