Southern Empire - Southern Empire

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Southern Empire - Southern Empire

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Southern Empire
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Keeping this high level of musicianship and composition skills I for one eagerly awaits their second
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April 06, 2016
A new "Supergroup" in the realm of progressive ?! Yes well they might be, this new band from Australia, founded by Sean Timms of Unitopia fame, has all the ingredients of such!

Blend a touch of pop, a touch of classic rock and then add some progressive tendencies, finely delivered by these great musicians. A five guy brilliance, where all of them has vocal parts and especially Danny Lopresto in the lead vocal are impressive.

Lopresto also plays guitar along with superb Cam Blokland, whom delivers some sparkling high flying guitar soli along the way. Both aided by the tight drums and solid bass lines of respective Brody Green: Drums and Jez Martin: Bass! Leaving the mastermind of this group and indeed his talent finely delivered via UNITOPIA.

We are of course talking about the great SEAN TIMMS, main composer, keyboards, vocals, sax and lap steel guitar.

So how do these guys fare?! Well I am here to tell you they fare very well!! a big word, how ever these guys deliver excellent music and I believe some of my fellow reviewers would indeed pronounce their music cross-over. which has some truth to it...since these guys deliver pop/rock/prog rolled into one fine musical set of tunes displayed here on their debut album! A debut album which I find brilliant!

There are absolutely no doubt as to these musicians ability and the composition here really are excellent, well some more than others but still high on a scale of excellent music

they even manage to bring a "hit" tune, if ever I heard a potential hit song in the prog world (up there and along with such IMHO potential "hit" tunes like: Saga´s "Dont Be Late" or Gilmour´s : "Smile" or even ELP´s " Lucky Man".) it is: " How Long" hear it once and you are intrigued, hear it twice and you are hooked!!

But hey thats just one side to this band, they also master long, complex and variated musical pieces such as the epic: "The Bridge That Binds" a well over 22 minutes tune, divided into 9 sequences. This really promising for the future, for you, for me, for progmusic and of course for the band, I shall gladly keep en eye (and especially an ear) on these fine musicians in the future! Keeping this high level of musicianship and composition skills I for one eagerly awaits their second album!!

The Dvd holds some great live studio sequences!
1 reviews
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