Ben Cameron Project, The - Tipping Point

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Ben Cameron Project, The - Tipping Point

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Ben Cameron Project, The
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I love this album and it goes straight into my private collection
(Updated: October 05, 2014)
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July 01, 2014
This album holds a two part story (in aprox. 40 minutes) of a man´s anxiety and bipolar disorder. Already at first "glance" (listen) you know you are in for treat! The music here have some smooth Floydish moments and sequences, the heavier rock parts (there are a few) reminds this reviewer of Kopecky og Magellan when they really show teeth. The Ben Cameron Project consists of Ben Cameron: Vocals, Guitars, Bass & Keyboards and Chris Cameron: Drums & Percussion and they certainly deliver in both ends (and what may lie in the middle) of said musical scales. I like the sound and the production (also Ben Cameron) which has a sort of oldschool feel about it (intended or not) and the whole album has quickly become a favorite of mine, my repeat button was glowing at one point ! Both players are good, but Ben Cameron ´s guitars are really really good, both acoustic, powerchord wise, but especially his guitar soli are impressive. So a real nice surprise, as the cover art really doesn't do the music justice (sorry!!) Yes, I know aprox. 40 minutes, that's the duration of most vinyl albums back in the day, but hey when the music is this good who cares?! So my fav tracks?! Yes well there are many, let me begin with: " An Introduction" an up tempo instrumental with some excellent time signatures. "I never wanted to be like this" a beautiful tune that could have been from a mid period Porcupine Tree album! You know what, it is really hard to dissect these tunes since they are seamless linked to each other!! Let me just say I love this album and it goes straight into my private collection and bragging about it too, to my fellow prog lovers! I have no problem whatsoever recommending this fine outing from Ben Cameron Project, to anyone seriously into great progmusic!! There you have it, a must listen to and for my money a most certainly must own!!

You cant please everyone, sure ...still this band should be huge or at least they deserve to be and I would be seriously surprised if that doesnt happen !!
Give them a whirl, give them a break, they so deserve it!! Now go buy!!
1 reviews
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