Akkerman, Jan - Tabernakel & Eli

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Akkerman, Jan - Tabernakel & Eli

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Akkerman, Jan
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a far cry from the music of Focus
(Updated: December 22, 2015)
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December 20, 2015
Many friends of FOCUS (Dutch progband) might not know that original and brilliant guitarist Jan Akkerman also mastered the classic traditional music on guitar, the first album on this cd (with double feature) shoes just that! Akkerman takes on such wonderful pieces as "Brittania" by John Dowland (and a few others by same composer) but also "A Galliard" by Anthonie Holborne and several other other composers. Arranged by Akkerman himself. But Akkerman also delivers themes and pieces by himself. Some of the beautiful music herein fronted by excellent guitarplay also has back up by chamber orchestra, at places even choir and organ. Even jazzy oriental musical inspiration shows up " Lammy". (written by Akkerman) rather more in the Focus vein, if you will?!

It is of course mostly a far cry from the music of Focus, but for fans, completists and classic guitar afficionados it is a must hear/own! This album is perfect for an evening relaxing with headphones and a beverage of your choice!!

Second album here: "ELI" by Jan Akkerman & Kaz Lux, is a whole other story, music wise, it is very evident of the musical road Akkerman went down later (bar the vocals) as his later solo albums were very much instrumental, with a jazzy feel and sometimes funky beats.

So nothing even close to the sound of Focus, but of course there are tendencies in Akkerman´s approach and playing here and there. One things for sure though, this man can play guitar (never doubted that!) at his chosen field of music genré.

So an odd couple on a double, sure but since my vinyl copies are long gone, I rather like this outing and it going straight to my privat collection!!

Here´s hoping I helped you along the way?! Tell you what, give it a chance, listen to it!

After all, you get 2 fine albums for the prize of one!! GO!!

P.s. Kaz Lux...good voice, but he did nothing for me, Im in it for the music !!
1 reviews
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