Ossicles - Music For Wastelands

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Ossicles - Music For Wastelands

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(Updated: December 03, 2015)
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November 27, 2015
Cousins Sondre & Bastian Veland from Norway is OSSICLES, a prog with tendencies to jazzy notes band, playing all instruments, doing the vocals, with the help of musical friends Erlend Jenssen (Sax) & Karin Makiranta (beautiful voice).

At the age of 16/17 these fine musicians composed and recorded their debut album

"Mantlepiece" with high praise and these words from Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree)

"I can´t believe that such young guys can make music like they do" -hows that for praise from the master himself?!

Now I havent heard nor had the pleasure of hearing the mentioned debut album, but I most certainly have heard this brilliant second release and let me tell you right now guys, you are in for a real treat!!

Obviously inspired by Porcupine Tree (early stuff) / Opeth (mellow stuff) and a few others, still they manage to be their own in delivery and sound.

It is a wonderful album, with songs and tunes to everyones pleasure and liking, very diverse, very intriguing, well delivered , these guys should and deserves to become huge in the prog circuits !!

It is one of those albums that will creep up on you after several listenings, always a good sign in my book!! This outing holds no less than 14 tracks, not a boring minute, no waste of time, just brilliant music ...designed and delivered to caress your musical soul and heart.

It is tense, it is dramatic, it is beautiful, it is complex, it is simple, it is at times magic.

I am not gonna pick fav track here, since I have heard this album many times and all tunes have grown on me, sure some more that others, but to be honest even the "weak" tunes here would brilliant on other bands releases!

Yes big words...then again this band deserves your attention and they most certainly deserves your support!!

Why wait? Go buy this gem!!

After all this praise, you might ask..how come "only" 4 star rating?!

Well..friends, I am saving the 5´th star for their next release, should be a masterpiece!
1 reviews
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