Iron Butterfly - Ball & Metamorphosis

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Iron Butterfly - Ball & Metamorphosis

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Iron Butterfly
1969/70 - 2015
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...ahead of their time!!
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September 10, 2015
One of my alltime fav bands from US..during the late 60´and early 70´..the very original and ahead of their time IRON BUTTERFLY!! BGO (Beat Goes On) has seen fit to digitally re-master "Ball" and " Metamorphosis" yes thats right, to great albums on 1 cd!

"Ball" came right after their masterpiece " In-A-gadda-Da-Vida" from 1968.

"Ball" was also the last studio album featuring that line-up!!

Let me linger on that album ...the unique sound, the special "voice" that were IRON BUTTERFLY those days of flowers. love and funny tobacco took an end, with the next album! And "Ball" ..were to me the last sigh of the mighty original Butterfly.

But the music is still here and I cherish every minute of it!!

I love the whole album !! But hey here comes my fav. tracks on "Ball": " In the Time of Our Lives" / "Soul Experience" / "Real Fright" & "Belda Beast".

After that album, guitarist Erik Braunn (Brann) left the band and were replaced by...not one - but two guitar players : Mike Pinera (Blues Image) & Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt (Later co-founder and member of the brilliant CAPTAIN BEYOND) thus changing the face and music of Iron Butterfly with the album " Metamorphosis". Now more blues and classic rock inspired!

Still with the mesmerizing and unique lead vocal of Doug Ingle plus the solid base of Lee Dorman´s bass lines and Ron Bushy´s drums !! At that point Butterfly was still captivating

but the magic of the original line-up...were gone for good and the following albums..ahem..not even worth your time and money IMHO !!

But hey, I got some fav tracks on "Metamorphosis" as well, here goes: "Stone Believer" /

"Butterfly Bleu".

Thus ended my affair with Iron Butterfly !!

Do you really need this cd...og course you do..."Ball" is a must have and "Metamorphosis" a must hear..and with 2 albums on one cd...GO BUY!!
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