Audience - The House On The Hill

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Audience - The House On The Hill

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Be an Audience!!
(Updated: August 26, 2015)
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August 26, 2015
Here it is, one of my fav Audience albums..if not, my fav Audience album!!?? It is quite a fabulous album and I have played it to "death" back in the good old vinyl days, the music is great, the lyrics intriguing, the sound good and now even better since this is a re-master from the great Esoteric Recordings!! From the brilliant cover art (like a film noir poster from the fifties) to the mentioned notch!! Re-mastered from the original Charisma master tapes and with 3 bonus a great booklet!! Chronological their third release and IMHO their best!

For newcomers and our younger readers, it might take a few listens to get it, but get it you will, spin by spin this will grow on you! What you get here are prime classic prog from UK, not only that, these fine musicians dared to deliver their music without leadguitars, as few others dared at that time and place in music history.

That doesnt mean that the music herein are dull or boring, not at all, you get some real original music, songwriting and superb delivery from each musician involved!

Front man Howard Werth: Lead singer, acoustic and electric guitars, composer etc., has this commanding voice, a voice that is so personal in expression, that you yours truly love it..or dislike it (your loss) ..he/they even dare to do a new folkly rendition of the classic :"I put a Spell On You" originally written and performed by Screaming Jay Hawkings!

One of my favorite tracks on this album!! On that´s a few of my other fav tracks:

"Jackdaw" / "I Had A Dream" / "House On The Hill" / "Indian Summer".

What to expect...great music from times past...acoustic guitars, flutes, electric guitars, tenor sax, clarinet, vibes, drums and bass...add to that a very unique voice!

I love my copy, it is going straight into my private collection, along with the former re-released, re-mastered issues!!

Be an audience to the great Audience, a front seat at your choosing!! GO!!
1 reviews
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