Spring - Spring Remastered

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Spring - Spring  Remastered

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1971/2015 Remastered & Expanded
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Disc 1: 39:30 Disc 2: 56:54

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Now it can be SPRING in every season of the year
(Updated: July 27, 2015)
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July 26, 2015
One of my alltime favorite classic UK progbands SPRING, finally got the royal treatment thanks to Esoteric (should be a household name for all you lovely progfans and collectors by now!) not only have this gem been remastered it also comes as a 2cd set with no less than 12 bonus tracks! The bonus tracks incl. demo´s and some 9 tracks never before released, supposedly from their "lost" second album sessions!! What a wonderful summer gift, to treat yourself with.

Other than it is a classic must own prog album, it is also every mellotron freaks dream, especially of course regarding the initial debut album!

Now for the second cd...the bonus tracks, it is of course difficult to, in hindsight, review..value..compare an album (bonus tracks) especially when were are talking a prog gem like this, these tracks, of whom I speak were intended as a second album from this fine band.

The first thing you notice is that this "second outing" even though great in some places,also reveals a musical direction shift, not that much mellotron (there are some mind you!) and with added horn sections, here and there. But after many listens, I must admit that its grows on me and I can see why they would go and broaden their musical horizon.

Little did they know then that this attempt of a second release were never to reach our ears until Esoteric (my fav re-release/ re-master and masters of re-written booklets) saw fit to re-release this super package!

Although not as great IMHO as their debut, this excellent 2 cd package is worth every serious prog and music collectors hard earned money and time!

I certainly love my copy and...yes you guessed it.. it goes straight into my private collection.

I cherish it and it will return ever so often to my cd player!!

Now it can be SPRING in every season of the year, at your choosing!

A MUST own friends....go buy it!!
1 reviews
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