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1969/2015 - remaster
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In a period where the guitars ruled
(Updated: July 10, 2015)
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July 08, 2015
The always excellent Esoteric Recordings have "finally" got around to the brilliant Uk early prog band Audience, this their debut, being the first of four remastered, with renewed booklet and bonus tracks !! I am old enough to have had these fine albums on vinyl, when they came out and they were cherished way back then! Mind you they still are, it is a happy reunion, great music, crisp clear sound and fine booklets!

Led by the very charismatic Howard Werth (Acoustic guitars, vocals and compositions) with most of the Uk bands from that era and period, what you get here is songs that is fun, imaginative, original (as opposed to some of todays over arranged and speculated tunes),also they / and others dared to try out new things, as this fine band also goes for psychedelic sequences, poplike songs, a bit of folk and a little jazz & cabaret hint, here and there!

In a period where the guitars ruled it was quite inventive and daring to use such non-rock instruments as flute, sax, clarinet, but they (Audience) did, along with some of their peers at the time (Jethro Tull/ Gryphon/VDGG).

As mentioned, this remaster also comes with bonus tracks : "Paper round" - "The Going Song" & "Troubles". Rounding up a fine debut album that still holds its own today, at least for this old geezer!!

This one goes straight to my private collection...but first a few more listens, I love this album!! Takes me back to those years of incense, flowers, funny tobacco, love and peace !!

Record collectors, early Uk prog afficionados and you (why else would you read this?) catch up on your music history, your record collection and a perfect subject for your next progmusic quiz with the lads!!

Be an audience to Audience, why dont you?! They truly deserve it and so do you!!

Howard Werth´s vocals might take some use to (not unlike the voice of Peter hammill,) sometimes reciting, sometimes singing, but once you´re hooked!!

Note: Lead guitar freaks - stay clear !!
1 reviews
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