Neo Prophet - T.I.M.E.

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Neo Prophet - T.I.M.E.

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Neo Prophet
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(Updated: July 02, 2015)
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July 01, 2015
These fine musicians hails from Belgium. at first glance (make that: listen) I thought..well another band, same sound! But hey, several listens (always a good thing) got my renewed attention and it paid of! Neo Prophets have a sense of refreshment to their tunes and their enthusiasm shines through on every track!

The blend of beautiful melodies and often very heavy rock/prog sequences makes up for an exiting listen! I must admit that I enjoyed this album very much, along the way I even cheered out loudly in my study, much to the surprise of my dear friend and lovely dog Enzo whom looked at me, with a sort of "ok..he´s of the bend!" :-) !!

The music here are very varied, often complex, now and then very beautiful and always with superb musicianship!

If I were to give hints as to what you can expect when purchasing this album and I think you should! Here it comes: Think a bit of Saga, blended with some Asia, then ad some Enchant, you are almost there....the rest is pure Neo Prophet, with some excellent keyboard washes and themes courtesy of Pete Mush and of course there´s the magnificent omni present guitars of Tom Tas, what a guitar player...sometimes jaw dropingly good!!

YES... you guessed it, this album have grown on me, so much so, that it most certainly will go to my privat collection!!

What you got to do now is ditch your lunch, you can eat later, go buy this album, treat yourself why dont you?! It is a brilliant album and you (and I) deserve good music like this, ever so often, when it comes around!!

I like the album as a whole, so dont ask me for favorite tracks! So go ahead, be a Neo Prophet follower, like me!!

Waiting for their next outing!!
1 reviews
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