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11. I really like your album and especially the lead vocals (which remind this interviewer of the great Rare Bird singer Steve Gould!!) there is a great 70´ prog vibe to it!! Do you find yourselves or even indulce in that early progperiod?

LIAM: Thanks for the kind words, and I'm flattered to be mentioned alongside a great singer like Steve Gould. We didn't purposely set out to create a 70's feel for the album but we have been influenced by many bands who arguably had their heyday in that decade. So I suppose it was inevitable that this would be reflected in the overall feel.

12. I love epic tracks and you guys deliver 4 of them on an album that holds 6 tracks! Is that on purpose? Or do you "just" compose/create music..not minding the time sequences?!

LIAM: The long songs became long songs naturally; there was no master plan. In terms of balancing out the album, however, I think it was necessary to have included a couple of shorter tracks.

13. I find some of the lyrics, sinister, dark and somewhat a social comment (The Centre Cannot Hold)Is that an accurate observation? Please elaborate!

LIAM: Yes, I try to write lyrics that are grounded in reality rather than being flights of fantasy. There are dark threads and recurring themes running through the lyrics. There are sparks of light flickering against a dark, menacing sky and as such the album is not all shadow. Ted Nasmith caught this mood beautifully in the cover.

14. Do you (as a band) find it difficult to reach the greater audiences (fans,listeners) as it where? Do you guys want to be true to your beliefs, both musician wise but also in origin? Meaning, you wont compromise your original ideals, for a wider audience or a record deal?! Please elaborate!!

LIAM: I tried to get into a boy band once but they sacked me when I asked which one was the drummer! have to stay true to the music otherwise everything becomes contrived and you might as well be a boy band.

GERRY: If you mean are we going to turn into a spectacularly uglier version of Girls Aloud in a bid for commerciality, the answer would be NO.

MICHAEL: We're Irish – compromise isn't something we are good at!

WILSON: We're 'song for song's sake!' I don't think that will change. It would be a hollow gesture to try to be something that you're not. People see right through that. I think a lot more people will get it eventually. These things take time.

15. Do you (and im treading dangerous territory here) feel proud as to be an Irish progband? Does it matter? Or do you guys, like many others, think that music crosses borders? Music is music, no matter where it comes from?! I of course realise that coming from a certain place In a given country, makes you proud of that particular heritage!! Please tell?

LIAM: Yes of course, we're not exactly coming down with prog bands in Ireland, in fact to current knowledge we are Ireland's only existing prog band and we are trying to fight the good fight in Ireland. The Emerald Isle, like Scandanavia, is a place where Romance, myth and fire propel the past into the present: it is a country, a heritage and a landscape that has always given rise to emotive and imaginative literature and music, so progressive rock is suited to that environment. I hope though that our music, whilst carrying some Irish fire, resonates with a listener from any background.

16. Any new plans? New album and/or a concert tour? I for one would love to see you guys live in Denmark!!

LIAM: We'd love to play Denmark soon, but we'll have to wait and see on that one. We have shows lined up to promote the album including a performance at The House of Progression/The Peel in London on Jan 30th 2010. Hopefully we can build on the success of 'A Time of Shadow' and get working on a third album sometime next year.

17. Finally, I would like to thank you sincerely for doing this interview and here´s your chance to tell our readers, your fans, everyone into progmusic, what´s on your mind at this moment!??

ALL: It was a pleasure and we hope in some way we are contributing to the world of music in a positive way

18. God´s speed and here´s to you, hoping that you create another superb album!! I for one, will be eagerly awaiting!! Take care!!

ALL: Many thanks for your time Tonny and thanks also to anyone who takes the time to read this and pursues an interest in Dead Heroes Club...right we are off to another !!!