KFK (Kant Freud Kafka) - No Tengas Miedo

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KFK (Kant Freud Kafka) - No Tengas Miedo

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KFK (Kant Freud Kafka)
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(Updated: January 25, 2015)
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January 25, 2015
KANT FREUD KAFKA is a project created and fronted by drummer/singer/composer Javi Herrera from Barcelona. Javi and his many (too many to mention here) guest musicians delivers a very diverse and fine album, with tendencies to symphonic prog, cinematic themes, even classical music and sometimes jazzy interludes, even with little hints here and there to classic prog.

A very pleasant surprise from a year that spawned many a good and excellent album in the prog regions. Being their first release (as far as I know) this album and band really shows promise for what might come in the future!!

Track 1: "Principio" open with a beautiful soundscape entirely electronic keyboard ridden broken by a short piano leading the track into an almost classic prog theme, with some very excellent guitar/keyboard duet, but not for long seamlessly we all of a sudden have a very jazzy theme and yes you guessed it, ending with that same piano piece! What an opener!!

Track 2 : "Dama" a wonderful theme, imagine a soundtrack for a movie that never was!
Allthough, you really get pictures in your mind evoked by this fantastic piece of music. I for one visualized some beautiful landscapes, foggy meadows and still lakes, sometimes interrupted by wild birds unintentionally scrambling that sequence.

Track 3: "Viajes" introducing a cello/piano opener, then flute - before the track builds in an almost Focus (The band) way (no yodelling though) then again another time signature, breaking to another seqment of symphonic prog, with excellent guitar/synthesizer dual run!

Track 4 : "Antitesis" the epic tune here, clocking in at some 16.02 minutes! Again I am reminded of the great FOCUS, the whole feel , the delivery, but as with the other fine tracks here, we are introduced to another time shift in both style and musical direction, all of a sudden we are in a whole nother musical world....music for movies, cinematic themes and/ or modern classical if you will?! Imagine if you will a track of combined Focus and Enid!!
May I add and then some!! Yes thats right, you wont believe your ears!!

Track 5: "Hombre" opening with piano (yes again) shortly backed by cello, growing into yet another symphonic tune, with staccato rhythm guitar as counterpoint, suddenly a smooth lead guitar with jazzy notes etc. etc.

I am amazed, as to how these fine musicians drives, swirls, play, delivering the fantastic music herein!! I am amazed and I find this album one of the best I have heard for a very long time!! I must rate HIGH!!
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