Bakerloo - Bakerloo Re-mastered

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Bakerloo - Bakerloo Re-mastered

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What a brilliant blues rock album
(Updated: November 21, 2014)
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November 21, 2014
Originally released in 1969 on the famous Harvest label! This little known, but very sought after and rare (talking the vinyl edition) blues power trio album - featuring: Dave “Clem” Clempson / Guitar, slide, vocals, piano & Harmonica: Terry Poole / Bass & Vocals : Keith Baker/ Drums. Now finally sees the light of day on cd, re-mastered and incl. 5 bonus tracks!! Ah those were the days, where English bands tried out their own blues renditions!! I loved those days and and I still love the bands that ventured/dared dive into that particular genre, which until that time were strictly an American musical style! Let me mention a few of my fav UK blues bands, from said period: First and foremost the fabulous FLEETWOOD MAC (sadly later to become some pop/ hitlist group!)* TEN YEARS AFTER (their first 2 excellent albums)* TASTE (both studio albums) and of course the great Savoy Brown Blues band! I should name CREAM also! Now you might not agree with me on mentioned bands, but hey they are my favorites! Back to Bakerloo, I really hadn’t the pleasure way back then, but now they are here in a fine package, re-mastered, bonus tracks´n´all!! Tell you what, I really love this album and “Clem”s guitars are nothing short of brilliant! If I were to tell you what Bakerloo sounds like (imagining that you like me, haven’t heard them before) I would say that they are, with sound and approach, something in between: Ten Years After´s “Undead” album and Love Sculpture´s : Blues Helping/Forms & Feelings! Listen to the last track (one of the bonus tracks as it were) “Son Of Moonshine” part one….that really is a powerhouse performance from all involved, but the guitars of Clem really shines on this piece!!

BAKERLOO an amazing band, I guess that time didn’t get them the attention they so richly deserved!! What a shame!! Meanwhile, here it is for us/ you and me/ to cherish and love and I do!! BIG TIME. What a brilliant blues rock album!! What a historic piece of UK blues music!! By the way, this is manly a Prog rock site (as you well know!) but my second music love is that of the blues, you may not agree with me, since I mostly refer to the UK blues bands, but hey that’s my choice and I love it!! Bakerloo, is a fine album, if you at all were intrigued by my sentences above, then go out and buy this little gem!!Promise …you´ll love it!! Oh and great cover art!!
1 reviews
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