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Van der Graaf Generator - Alt

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Van der Graaf Generator
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For this humble reviewer it really is a hard swallow release
(Updated: October 29, 2014)
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July 05, 2012
VDGG are an acquired taste and I love their music, well most of their releases (incl. Hammill solo!), this new outing, released by the excellent Esoteric Antenna, sees (hears) this well respected and very original band, pushing the boundaries and then some! First of all, no vocals (What??).. yes Hammill´s still here, but this is an instrumental album!! I don't know about you dear reader, but I have come to love that special vocal timbre of Hammill and the lyrics, that sort of goes together, when mentioning the music of VDGG. BUT...none of that, this is really avant-garde music as opposed to former releases. 14 tracks that clocks in at 61 minutes! For this humble reviewer it really is a hard swallow release, I do not mind audio experience or even daring excursions into that prog wasteland. This goes way beyond what my (otherwise broadminded) musical sensors and/or audio vulnerability!! When I first heard of this outing, I was kind of exited, but to tell you the truth that paled quickly, to me VDGG are much about the vocals/lyrics and the music created for that, even though special or even personal styled, it is far better than this! Yes, it is a good idea, to release a new album by VDGG, but instrumental or should I say this kind of instrumental..Hmmmmm!!?? This outing might get VDGG some new friends (especially those with a taste for the more avant-garde/fusion branch of prog) on the other hand they might also loose some friends at that same account!? So not for me, but if you indeed are into said branch of prog, then give a whirl, try it out, it might be to your liking!? As always with Esoteric (both Antenna & Recordings) excellent sound and fine booklet!!
1 reviews
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