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7. With a new album or a new release, band or solo artist, do you find the cover art important? Please elaborate.

I'm not at all artistic myself, so again I generally don't place much importance on cover art. But I had a few photos of my own which I sent to Tony Lythgoe (who designs most of the covers for GEP releases) and he really liked the one of the bridge. I think it works well, and it ties in with the disused railway theme which kicked the whole thing off originally.

8. Now that you have announced quitting the music business alltogether, looking back, what do you feel were your proudest moment?
I realise that this is an open question, please feel free to name  several!

There were several proud moments over the years, but playing Parkpop (in Holland) with John Wetton was a big thrill because it was such a huge festival. Also with John we did a gig in a village hall once with Steve Hackett on guest guitar and (the now legendary) Thomas Lang on drums. I'd say that was a pretty good band. IQ did their share of festivals too and the "Out In The Green"series in Germany and Switzerland in the mid 80s was particularly memorable.

9. On the topic of totally quitting music alltogether, you and I have talked about that and I deeply respect your meaning/opinion. But please tell (I guess you´we told it many times) again, for the readers to understand, WHY, do you stop !!

You may not want to hear this, but in order for music to survive it needs money to fund it. Yes, I've heard all the arguments about "this is art, it's not about money", but unfortunately it is. Studios (yes even home studios!) cost money, as do musical instruments, and good session musicians rightly expect to be paid.

But since the Internet started to be abused by people who arrogantly think that all music should be freely shared, the money supply needed to make new albums has simply dried up. I have nothing but the utmost contempt for the new breed of music fans and their "give me everything for nothing" culture. They are no better than a bunch of thieving scumbags, and I am truly ashamed to share a planet with them.Like most musicians I am not well off, and if I ask my
partner to take £7,000 - £8,000 out of our household budget for me to record an album, without any chance of ever seeing that money again, you can guess what the answer would be!

Making free music for the Internet generation is all very well for rich kids with large disposable incomes who just want a little bit of fame, but it rules out people like me who have to pay the bills and make ends meet. I can't afford to do it anymore so I won't be doing it anymore. Hopefully many more musicians will get out too and the Internet scumbags will be left listening to the crap they deserve.

10. If you were to tell which progressive band, right here right now, are your favourite?!
Appendix, what do you in fact listen to, on an ordinairy day in the Orford household?

I hardly ever listen to music; I'm not really a music consumer and I never have been. I suppose I live in a bit of a bubble really, and I'd rather write something myself than listen to what other people are doing. If that sounds insular then that's just how I am.

11. Keyboardplayers often (like any other musician) have favourite artists/ Icons.
Which would you name, as a favourite/ inspirational keyboard player?

I don't really have a favourite keyboard player, thought there are several around who I think are very good. But to tie in with the previous question, because I've never been a "fanboy" I don't really have any keyboard icons or heroes. If anything I'm more interested in what guitarists do, because it's a much more expressive instrument.

12. On a personel level, what are your plans for the future (if you dont mind my asking)?

I plan to spend a lot of time on my local steam railway helping to operate their magnificent fleet of steam engines.