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16. I've seen the “ Night of the guitars” on dvd many times, with friends (and cold beers), all these young kids plays brilliantly…shredding, burning the frets with scales and runs, but everytime (when you and Robin Trower) comes on…people go: “Yeah..thats real playing, that is what guitaring is all about!!” And I agree!! The question is: Feeling over speed, which is most important to you? I realise that question is double sided..of course if a tune requires speed, you add it! But an album full of speed scales, does nothin´for me, how about you?

I have nothing with Thrower but he's a icon in his own field.
Speed is great, can't get enough of it but the art is in a musical technical way, that's what's really lacking in most rockplayers, because rock doesn't have too many extended harmonies involved, which invites you to explore a chord and start building around bebop. The problem is also that if you only start doing scales the berlkley tradition it's starting to sound all the same.
There's so much more to music then just going in one direction and become a professor at that. So sometimes it's good not to practise too hard otherwise you might not be able to forget all that stuff.

17. What new plans do you have for 2010 ? New album? Tour (Scandinavia, he said hopefully ?) please tell ?!

I'm working on a new CD called *Minor details* and the compositions are ready but my playing is not good enough yet in my opinion [fetalmatique?] And love touring scandinavia but so far I can see they're heavy into Focus so it's better to stay put. I don't want to be in the same league.

18. If you were to name one living guitarplayer here, that you think are great on all accounts, that you really like, who would it be? Sure, I know…you can name several if you like!!

I like Sylvain Luc and Birelli Lagrene, I do admire both. And Rockplayers ? I don,t know, they're all good :-)

19. Here´s your chance to tell your friends, fans and our readers, whats on your mind right now….this moment! Please feel free!

Actually I'm getting a dry throat by answering all this stuff, so, a Belguim beer and a nice piece of music will do the trick.

20. Thanx so very much Jan Akkerman, for doing and taking the time for this interview! Im so proud to present it!! All the best to you!!

Same to you Tonny & Take care
Jan A

Tonny : Caerllysi Music.