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5. Who was (and is) your inspiration sources, musicstyle and instrument wise?

Practically any type of music as I explained bfore.

6. Van Leer, has re-created Focus, with younger musicians. Any thoughts on that?

I don't know.

7. Would you comment on the split of the original Focus?

Well, I got a phonecall from van Leer on new yrs day, 75, that he didn't want to make use of my "services" anymore.

8. Before moving on to your solo career, what is you favourite Focus album? Please feel free to name several and why! My fave is “Focus III” !

Personally, I don't like none of them. There's some footage on Utube I like, but, that's it.

9. I guess instrumental music is close to your heart, since most of your work. Is that chosen genre! Is that a fair assessment?

Yes of course.

10. I've lost count of the number of solo releases you have made. Do you know yourself ? Or you don’t you really care, as long as you can keep on playing, getting your music out to people?!

Yes, It keeps me off the streets and the good thing about it is that none of them is the same.

11. Talking live performances, what is your proudest moment ? Please elaborate!

My proudest moment was, that I received a golden harp in Holland for all my solo works. The Jury of the year 2005 stated that the world's best Guitarist in the 70's, couldn't stand in the shadow of the Guitarist Mr Akkerman is now.

12. Many have asked me to put this question to you: Which is your favourite Guitar these days? Pro´s and amateurs (like myself) Im sure will wanna know what the great maestro uses, were of course talking make and brand and if you don’t mind also mentioning your fave gear (Amps, Pedals, etc.) !?

I still love my Les Paul personal, I had it reverbished a couple of yrs ago. I also love my black LP and a few other models like the rebuild Jan Akkerman Framus without the name Framus. they're all on face book or

As an Amp I use a *Marble* 50 watts Class A Amp ,designed by myself and build by *FNS Tube technologies* in Holland.As an effect I use the *POD XT live* with pedal in a rack together with a *Sequis motherload speakersim*, which I consider the best around.

13. If you could stop the clock/time, who would be in your favourite line up in a given live concert? Bands and/or artist!!

That's not a realistic question

14. What are your thoughts on piracy and /or downloading music for free?

I really think it,s all a matter of taste and upbringing. Rabble for the rabble and exclusivity for people who like exclusive things and like to pay for that and really enjoy the purchase.
These are not the people who put that on the net for grabs and enrich themselves over the backs of others.
There's a name for that which escapes at the moment, but in my country there's a law that states that if you sell things purchased from a thief, you get punished harder then the thief. Somehow nobody in the official world of the law seem to remember that overhere.

15. Since you always had a jazz-feel to your playing, now more than ever, you have become an icon in both the rock, prog and jazz world!! How does that make you feel?

Oh fine, but there are a lot of good players nowadays but I'm glad that I'm appreciated.