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15. What is your goal as a band? What are your dreams made of, musician wise?

(Robert) World domination of course! More seriously, what motivates me is nothing more than the process of music itself in the ability to go out and do it live and also to create something fantastic in the studio. For me, a way to shine light in the world. To sell lots of albums and fill theatres around the world is also nice!

16. Finally, here’s your chance to write a comment/statement to your fans, friends of progmusic and our readers! Feel free to elaborate!?

(Robert) Thank you for your continuing interest in Aquaplanage and may it bring you the same, if not more, pleasure that it has given us in bringing it to you!

(Steve) Be pompous, be proud!

(Jon) Thanks for listening and make sure you spread the word.

(Tom) Keep the faith and there’s more to come X.

Thanx so very much and keep the excellent music coming :-)) Tonny.

(Robert) Thanks for having us & watch out for Aqua II!