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Tom Dawe (guitar)

13. Genre wise, I find the album very varied, some tunes is clearly prog, some art rock and I even hear some poplike tunes in there!! Is that on purpose or do you "just" create songs/tunes, never mind the genre as long as it is good well composed music??

(Robert) As I said at the beginning, we did not overtly go out to write an album of prog. We had an aim of collectively writing some original music, but most importantly, writing some songs. So in that sense, Steve took the helm and came up with what I think are some great hooks.

It is a valid criticism that some people wage on us in saying “Aquaplanage” struggles to find an identity. This, in part, is due to having a studio with too many knobs, too many guitars, too many keyboard sounds; and no producer or record label to keep things under a lid! But then, listen to many bands’ first albums and you find a similar explosion of art going down different directions. Jethro Tull’s “This Was” comes to mind especially.

I like to experiment with different sounds and different production techniques – that is my identity. It would make me miserable to make an album all on the same guitar sound. For example, “Sands of Time” is a full on modern exposition where although the guitars and strings and bamboo flute thingy are real, the drums are actually all programmed and we have found a multitude of samples to throw in the pot. To the contrary, “Nature’s Sunday” is a more traditional live guitar-bass-drums-keyboards thing.

So in conclusion, we just let the art flow without being hung up about fulfilling the agenda of any particular genre.

14. Are you guys classical trained or self-taught? Maybe both??

(Robert): I was lucky enough to receive classical and jazz training from the maestro Winston Morson when I was in my teens. I think the classical thing underpins my love of richly layered music with lots going on and lots of changes.

(Steve) Self taught, musically ignorant and that's worked for me!

(Jon): Totally self-taught but have played with classically trained musicians all my life and some of it must have rubbed off.

(Tom): Mainly self-taught with a bit of help Henry Marsh (guitar maestro) .