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Do you see a clear comparing to the compositions of the old masters (I’m talking classical music composers here) and some of today’s symphonic/progbands and or artists? Please elaborate if you will!

It’s not really that easy to tell. When it come to new bands it can be that their influence is coming from the 70’s bands who was influenced by Holst, Bach, Starvinsky etc.
One thing that I know, as he is a dear friend of mine, is that Olov Andersson of Grand Stand (and guest musician on two Cross albums) is pretty Bach influenced in some of his writing. Sometimes people say “Genesis influenced” about a given part of a Cross tune when it, to me, is more like “You think? I think it’s more like some Stravinsky to it”. I believe it depends on what one used to listen to when one was younger. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is if one gets something positive from listening to music. If the music has the ability to create emotions, or maybe a new thought.

As a musician....what is your dream? Which goals have you set for yourself and CROSS in 2010?

Our goal is to do a new album. A shorter album with 3-4 long tracks (and maybe a short one). I don’t have much dreams, these days I do things rather than dream about them. But, some more success when it comes to CD sales for Cross and some other bands thatI think deserve to get something back from the listeners would be nice. I mean…it’s time that people understand that the right thing to do is to buy the music, not steal it. Bands are putting down very much time and energy and if one enjoys listening to it is fair to give something back by buying it.

Thanx very much Hansi, for taking the time to do this interview! Here´s your chance to tell your friends, fans and our readers...whats on your mind at this moment?

I’m in composing mode so that is what is pretty much on my mind right now. That, and my new girlfriend J. I’d like to say “thank you” to all music fans out there who still buy music. I also like to give my thanks to all under paid people working in music business, people who runs record shops while having another day job, people who arrange concerts without getting a dime, people who run websites and spend their time interviewing musicians…on their spare time. Thanks.


Have a great New Year and hopefully more great CROSS music!!??

Thanks! For those who enjoy Cross more adventurous sides where we combing melodic bits with complex atonal parts and blend heavy guitars with peaceful synthesizers I can promise that you will enjoy the next one. But, until then I hope you all get something positive from “The
Thrill of nothingness”.
I wish you a splendid 2010.