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16. I hear Camel (the band) inspirations in many of the great themes on both " Dark Side of the.." and " Journey of the..." and thats a GREAT thing in my book (and I guess many a progfan whom is so lucky to have/heard the albums!)
Any comments on that?

Yes absolutely, Camel were and still are a big influence on my musical development – I don't know all their albums, but those I own I absolutely love. I think my favourites are the Latimer/Bardens period albums with the Snow Goose taking poll position. Flatteringly, some of the reviewers have likened my playing style to Pete Bardens which is a huge compliment as I think he was an inspirational player – to be likened is humbling.

17. On a personal note, let me just say that ive enjoyed both mentioned albums immensely, actually they have been sitting (on shift) in my stereo ever since they arrived to my study!! Thanx Martin for taking the time to do this interview and here´s your chance to tell friends, fans, our readers and not forgetting animal lovers (around the world) what´s on your mind?!

I am delighted you appreciate the music ! Regarding my mind, if you find it, please mail it back eheh – well actually it's spinning at the moment as I can reveal that YAK have been asked to play at a festival next year & clearly moving the music out of the studio to a live situation is going to take some doing. So we are thinking about how we might make it happen at the moment. Also, we had a photo shoot with the Classic Rock Presents PROG magazine last week and hope to be featured in a future issue, so that's' quite exciting news.

Also I am still trying to find the time to write & finish off other pieces of music I have started in the past few years, but as usual finding the time is proving impossible at the moment.

At the Sanctuary we have recently been awarded a couple of small grants to help with the building projets – new Pig houses & a winter shelter for the horses & slowly but surely the work that Fiona does is reaching a wider audience which is exactly what needs to happen as much greater levels of support are needed if we are to have a future. – remember, all sales of CD's from the YAK website go 100% towards the feed costs of the rescues - I cover the cost of the materials & postage myself, so I actually personally loose money on each one sold ! but the Sanctuary befefits to a much greater degree so thats fine with me.

18. Take care and keep up the excellent work, both musically and environment wise !! Looking very much forward to a new YAK release :-))

Thank you very much for talking to me Tonny and for your interest and appreciation in the music of YAK