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9. In a given concert, with you headlining, whom or which band/artist would you most like/love to see on that imaginative event/ poster! Please feel free to name several!

Well certainly the 'Tap' would need to be on the bill ! That would be marvellous. I am truly moved by Nigel's solos and inspired by Derek's bass work.

This is a tough one, as clearly it would be a tad far fetched to imagine head-lining with the prog legends in support ! Surreal at best – however in a surreal world we would have to resurrect a few folk as Zepplin would have to play a few numbers as would the original Camel line up.

Followed by a track each from UK, Greenslade, Supertramp, (the logical song), actually UK would have to play the whole of the UK album thinking about it – a selection by Yes, assuming Jon is with them, The Allman brothers can play 'Jessica', Focus would play 'Sylvia', BJH would play 'Galadriel' ...and certainly Kate Bush would have to be in there somewhere...

10. In this day and age of progcircuits, I guess most of your fans, friends and musicians would like to learn the instruments of your choice, im of course talking make and brand. Please elaborate individually!

Well my "main keyboard" as mentioned earlier is a Kurzweil K2600x. This is my master keyboard which forms the heart of my studio. I bought this because I wanted a keyboard that would let me build up a piece of music, track at a time, have a pretty advanced sequencer with comprehensive editing facilities and encompass a brilliant piano sound. I stepped up to this from a Roland D50, so the jump was significant – although I have yet to find a patch quite like 'Glass Voices' on anything since the Roland (D50 users will know what I mean!)

I am a little old fashioned in my approach to music and recording and whilst not an "instrument" as such I will mention that I record using an Akai DSP24 MKII hard disc recorder which is a fantastic bit of kit – I am often asked why I don't just use Cubase rather than the bespoke pieces of kit. The reason is that I just don't seem to get on with computers! (rant warning – clear the area of children) it's just that when I use one, there is always some problem or other – the screen freezes up for no apparent reason, the mouse doesn't work or the cursor dissappears, or some bit of software causes a confliction issue and needs some driver loading that takes you 3 days to find on google and then the next thing you know you have the blue screen of death and the old 'beginning physical dump' message on the screen - aaagghhh Perhaps one day when they have ironed out all the bugs...

So my preference is to use tangible pieces of kit that are designed for purpose – i.e. a real keyboard, a real recorder ..& a real ale.. or 2.

Other keyboards I use are my Memorymoog, a Roland V Synth GT, a Korg Polysix, ARP Axxe, Roland D50 and a Stylophone. I have Suitcase 88 Rhodes too, but she is in desperate need of a service & thats something that will have to wait!

11. I think your music is beautiful ("Journey of The Yak" and "Dark side of..") and very filmic (soundtrack-like if you will). I get pictures on the inner screen when hearing it! Is that on purpose or do you write and create music with no pretence or thoughts..regardless of what genre might be the outcome?!

Thank you very much Tonny – I am delighted you think so. I guess with instrumental music and only the track name to go on, the listener is free to imagine anything they like whilst absorbing the music. I have tried to create soundscapes or atmospheres which, for me at least, conjure the subject matter – this is more obvious with a track like 'Dearly Departed', and hopefully with the other tracks the listeners imagination will run away with the subject matter and take them off to wherever they want to go.

The track 'Jadis of Charn' is all about the character Jadis who folk will probably know better as the White Witch in the Narnia Chronicles. I re-read these a few years ago & putting the alagorical piece to one side, I enjoyed them as they brought back a lot of memories from reading them as a kid. I started to get interested in the Jadis character - particularly of her life pre-Narnia, as she came from a world called Charn which she completely devastated before finding her way into Narnia. There is very little on the web about her pre-Narnia existence - no-one that I can find seems to have written the "pre story" - so I thought I would have a crack at a small concept piece - the bell you hear at the begining of the track is the bell that is struck to wake her from her long slumber in the 1st book of the Chronicles & the rest of the track is a flashback of her life as Queen of Charn - I decided she wasn't always evil but becomes corrupt en route & this leads to the total devastation of that world - & as the track fades you can her one of her themes playing out on the church organ as no, she isn't dead ....

As to the genre – I never knowingly set out to create a piece of music in a particular style – It just seems that most of what I come up with seems to be categorised as Prog in some way shape or form. Although...I did once produce some sound and musical effects for the cartoon series 'Bananaman' and I guess you would be hard pressed to describe a 'ray gun' noise as "Progressive" eheh – ...oh I dunno though...