Rob Reed of Magenta

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Hi Rob, how are you? Im so pleased to have this opportunity to "speak" with you!!

1. After your stint with (among others) Cyan, Fyreworks....tell us the story about Magenta!! How did that come about?
Please elaborate!

Cyan was the 1st prog band I formed....I was still in school. We recorded a demo at a local record studio. My brother Steve was the singer.

Most of the tracks from the 1st Cyan Cd were written on the school piano.We just wanted to be Genesis.


I Then went into POP music..played in various pop bands for about 6 years and forgot all about the Cyan material. Then out of the blue I had a letter from a French fan who had got hold of a copy of the demo from NIck Barret of Pendragon. I had sent him a copy to get a opinion of the stuff. I was a huge Pendragon fan at the time.

The French wanted to know if there was any material available on CD. I then decided to revisit the material and write enough for a CD. I was approached by a dutch label called SI Music who liked what they heard and we went on to make 3 more Cyan CDs.

Along side this I was still embroiled in the POP music market and getting very disillusioned trying to get the BIG record deal.....The band we had was called Trippa and Christina was the singer......

We reached breaking point with the band and almost gave up music......To get back my love of music I made the 1st Magenta CD......

I had no idea what people would make of it and didnt care.....I just wanted it to be Prog with a capital P......

At the time loads of the "Prog" bands where starting to deny that they were prog at all, so that they could try to get to a bigger audience.....I wanted to do the opposite as I knew that there must be loads of people like me who wanted some classic prog!

So the 1st Cd was just 4 songs, each 25 mins and a concept album...loads of widdle and moogs.......But surprisingly people really got into it...especially as it had a female singer.....who unbeknown to her sounded like Annie Haslem.....

Magenta was also only meant to be a studio project , but as the response to the Cd grew we were approached to play it live...this we did for the 1st time at Baja festival in Mexico....the band has just grown from there.

I would be lying if I said it was all plain sailing. Its so difficult to keep any band together for any time. There are always different personality traits in individual members. Its a bit like a marriage, sometimes you fall out. It can be very frustrating and a thankless task, but I know it always turn out to be for the better.