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Times Up - Snow Queen

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Times Up
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A magic release, a magic band and most certainly a magic travel into the great world of real music!
(Updated: October 27, 2014)
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June 04, 2012
Sometimes it is good be a reviewer and a music lover, the rewards of this (hobby) work comes in small and big surprises and then there are these rare unexpected mega surprises, that makes you jump of joy while having a big fat smile on your face!! One such surprise most certainly is this new effort from Times Up, I haven't had the pleasure of their first outing, but when this fresh new album arrived I was kinda child-like excited! From the first notes, the first tones, I was blown away ...WHAT the f.... these wonderful sounds of classic rock / psychedelic rock a la 70´ with hints of symphonic prog and art rock filled the air, I just couldn't believe my ears ! I mean its all there, the wah guitars, the harmony vocals, the great songs, the tight band, the thunder riffs, the firm foundation of well delivered bass and drums, the superb delivery of keyboard sequences and solo´s, the high flying guitar soli, the excellent lead vocals and then the hybrid of mixing the aforementioned music genre´s worlds together... amazing, no I mean AMAZING!! I would have said...im lost for words (too late) but you know what I mean!? This is most certainly going on my top 10 list of 2012, at this moment in top position, lets see what the year brings!! So whats all the fuzz about? This brilliant band hails from South Wales and as mentioned I have not heard their debut album, but this album shines greatly!

"Secret Garden" with an intro that crashes in like thunder claps , then settles down (after a wonderful wah guitar solo break) acoustic guitar and the excellent lead vocals of Geoff Smith (whom also delivers great keyboards to this album) mid section delivers a tight powerful riff loaded sequence, suddenly voice over (is it a president speaking?) ending with a quiet , well almost, finale! "Nightmare Days" Leslie guitar softly opens this track, soon to be high powered and there is that 70´feel again (came to think of Captain Beyond!) this is SO great, the music varies and changes like a serpent slithering through the grass in a field of music genres..it is quite frankly excellent stuff!! I really feel like I am locked in a time machine - well at least music wise, back to those wonderful 70´ and suddenly in a split second right back here and now, vice versa, what a trip (if you pardon the 70´ slang) Yes I know, but this album really takes me, both by surprise and to other spheres of our beloved musical genre´s !! Enough of my ramblings, this is a superb contender to the album of the year!! You MUST buy this album, do yourself a favour, do it NOW!! Time travel doesn't come often in the realm of prog / art rock! So get yours, the sooner the better, you wont regret it, PROMISE!! A magic release, a magic band and most certainly a magic travel into the great world of real music!

That's it! Times Up!! I have to, no make that need to...ahem ... to the max I rate 5 BIG stars !!

P.s. Someone send me their first album, please!!!
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