Ter´Azur - Falling Asleep

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Ter´Azur - Falling Asleep

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I am so glad that I have learned that these guys excist
(Updated: October 26, 2014)
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May 26, 2012
WOW...I hear a lot of great music, during the day..the week.. the month...don't even talk about the year ;-) sometimes I hear new tendencies, new approaches to the "old" module, that is the engine and driving force of what we call progressive music! Such an experience is Ter´Azur!! What a delight it is to listen to these musicians!! Four guys with a fresh approach to the realm of Prog.

Let me start with: "Falling Asleep" a mellow intro topped with smooth guitar, entering the fine vocals (with short but fine lyrics!) of Ian Griffiths (whom also plays the excellent guitar parts on this album) a thematic nice tune with some very delicious solo guitar! "Exoplanet" has a towering guitar/keyboard intro (not unlike the great Max Webster, Canadian prog meisters) and a lead vocal that is caressed by the harmony vocals in the hookline, the tune gradually finds firm ground and a sci-fi tale unfolds, great stuff!! The music really are excellent (superb guitars) and delivered with panache, mind you not as such prog, more like art rock de luxe with hints of prog!! "One In A Million" has this staccato guitaring, followed by keyboards..and again I am pleasantly surprised by the lead guitarist, the harmony vocals, well yes the whole band shines here in this extremely well produced and delivered tune!! "Children Of Our Times" has (as always) the unique voice of Griffiths and the band (all of them) delivers beautiful harmony vocals, this is a quiet song, an almost ballad that ends with some high wired electric finale! "Five Bagger" an excellent instrumental track that shows these guys are indeed capable of anything they seem fit! Serious high flying lead guitar, supported by heavy Hammond and powerful bass, drums signatures really have me in awe!! This is superb!! "Mass Hypnosis" This is a quite massive and heavy power chord intro to an otherwise solid, steady rock tune, yes there is it again, those wonderful harmony vocals and excellent tight rock sentences, both vocal and instrumental, very good and very intriguing music!! Yet another winner from this amazing album ;-) How come I haven't heard of these guys?? I am amazed and really annoyed (how could these brilliant musicians slip through my, normally very sharp needle eye...ahem.. read needle ear!! Nevermind, now I got them and they will most certainly be on my cd-player ever so often (these last days I haven't heard anything else!!) Excuse me for the fast forward tendency , but I really do believe that some tracks must remain "unknown" to be a surprise for the listener, he or she who buys this album, and if there are any justice in this world, there will be plenty of them! These guys deserve ALL the praise and recognition they so clearly deserve! But I must mention the epic track (10: 40 min.) here " Weather Report" opens with a fine dramatic piano sequence, softly sneaking into the more elaborate rock track, with voice-overs from radio or television speaks and the smooth voice of Griffiths leads us on until the dark chords and dramatic themes set it! What an amazing tune, with all that you could ever ask for in a prog/art rock tune, delivered right there in ..if I so may say...your face!! This is quite a release, a fine album, brimming with excellence, great compositions and superb musicianship!! WOW!!
I am so glad that I have learned that these guys excist, they deserve all the praise they can get!! Only minus in my book, is the cover art, that cover doesnt do the band or their music justice!!

The booklet is fine, I just don't like the cover art!! Tell you what guys....check out my art work on this site : www.progplanet.com ( you are here !!) and I promise you right here and now, I will create a cover for your next album!! OK?! Otherwise: BRILLIANT ALBUM highly recommended to all lovers of great music! A contender for the album of this year ....dear friends and readers GET IT ....NOW!!!! You wont regret it!! Four stars, were it not for the cover art, mind you not bad, but certainly not good, that music deserves much better!! I would gladly give it 5 stars!
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